BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
block-6.6nbd: don't call blk_mark_disk_dead nbd_clear_sock_ioctlChristoph Hellwig36 min.
for-6.7/blockaoe: replace strncpy with strscpyJustin Stitt40 min.
for-6.7/io_uringio_uring/rsrc: cleanup io_pin_pages()Jens Axboe25 hours
for-nextMerge branch 'for-6.7/block' into for-nextJens Axboe40 min.
io_uring-6.6io_uring: don't allow IORING_SETUP_NO_MMAP rings on highmem pagesJens Axboe9 hours
io_uring-futexio_uring: add support for vectored futex waitsJens Axboe5 days
io_uring-mshot-readio_uring/rw: add support for IORING_OP_READ_MULTISHOTJens Axboe3 weeks
io_uring-waitidio_uring: add IORING_OP_WAITID supportJens Axboe12 days
masterMerge tag 'ubifs-for-linus-6.6-rc5' of git:// Torvalds28 hours
ovl-kiocbovl: disable IOCB_DIO_CALLER_COMPJens Axboe9 days
io_uring-6.6-2023-09-28commit a52d4f6575...Jens Axboe5 days
block-6.6-2023-09-28commit a578a25339...Jens Axboe5 days
io_uring-6.6-2023-09-15commit c21a8027ad...Jens Axboe3 weeks
block-6.6-2023-09-15commit c266ae774e...Jens Axboe3 weeks
io_uring-6.6-2023-09-08commit 023464fe33...Jens Axboe4 weeks
block-6.6-2023-09-08commit 4b9c2edaf7...Jens Axboe4 weeks
for-6.6/block-2023-08-28commit 146afeb235...Jens Axboe5 weeks
for-6.6/io_uring-2023-08-28commit 644c4a7a72...Jens Axboe5 weeks
block-6.5-2023-08-19commit e5c0ca1365...Jens Axboe6 weeks
io_uring-6.5-2023-08-11commit 56675f8b9f...Jens Axboe8 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2015-04-02mpt3: store scsi io tracker data in the scsi command / requestv3.10-lsi-mqJens Axboe
2015-04-02mpt2: store scsi io tracker data in the scsi command / requestJens Axboe
2015-04-02scsi: add scsi-mq helpers and init/exit_command hooksJens Axboe
2015-04-02scsi: add use_cmd_list
2015-04-02scsi: Fix qemu boot hang problemGuenter Roeck
2015-04-02scsi: set REQ_QUEUE for the blk-mq caseChristoph Hellwig
2015-04-02scsi: move blk_mq_start_request call earlierChristoph Hellwig
2015-04-02fix regression in SCSI_IOCTL_SEND_COMMANDTony Battersby
2015-04-02scsi-mq: fix requests that use a separate CDB bufferTony Battersby
2015-04-02mpt3sas: delay scsi_add_host call to work with scsi-mqElliott, Robert (Server Storage)