BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
block-6.3Merge tag 'nvme-6.3-2023-03-23' of git:// into block-6.3Jens Axboe7 hours
for-6.3/blockblk-mq: enforce op-specific segment limits in blk_insert_cloned_requestUday Shankar3 weeks
for-6.3/io_uringio_uring: fix size calculation when registering buf ringWojciech Lukowicz4 weeks
for-6.4/blockblk-mq: remove hybrid pollingKeith Busch3 days
for-6.4/io_uringio-wq: Drop struct io_wqeGabriel Krisman Bertazi7 hours
for-6.4/spliceblock: convert bio_map_user_iov to use iov_iter_extract_pagesDavid Howells8 days
for-nextMerge branch 'for-6.4/io_uring' into for-nextJens Axboe7 hours
io_uring-6.3io_uring/rsrc: fix null-ptr-deref in io_file_bitmap_get()Savino Dicanosa33 hours
masterMerge tag 'fsverity-for-linus' of git:// Torvalds3 days
pipe-nonblockpipe: set FMODE_NOWAIT on pipesJens Axboe8 days
io_uring-6.3-2023-03-16commit d2acf78908...Jens Axboe7 days
block-6.3-2023-03-16commit 8f0d196e4d...Jens Axboe7 days
block-6.3-2023-03-09commit e2f2a39452...Jens Axboe2 weeks
io_uring-6.3-2023-03-09commit fa780334a8...Jens Axboe2 weeks
io_uring-6.3-2023-03-03commit 1947ddf9b3...Jens Axboe3 weeks
block-6.3-2023-03-03commit 49d2439832...Jens Axboe3 weeks
block-6.2-2023-02-17commit 1250421697...Jens Axboe5 weeks
for-6.3/block-2023-02-16commit 0aa2988e4f...Jens Axboe5 weeks
block-6.2-2023-02-16commit 9a28b92cc2...Jens Axboe5 weeks
for-6.3/io_uring-2023-02-16commit 7d3fd88d61...Jens Axboe5 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2022-01-06Merge branch 'md-next' of ssh:// Axboe
2022-01-06md: use default_groups in kobj_typeGreg Kroah-Hartman
2022-01-06md: Move alloc/free acct bioset in to personalityXiao Ni
2022-01-06lib/raid6: Use strict priority ranking for pq gen() benchmarkingDirk Müller
2022-01-06lib/raid6: skip benchmark of non-chosen xor_syndrome functionsDirk Müller
2022-01-06md: fix spelling of "its"Randy Dunlap
2022-01-06md: raid456 add nowait supportVishal Verma
2022-01-06md: raid10 add nowait supportVishal Verma
2022-01-06md: raid1 add nowait supportVishal Verma
2022-01-06md: add support for REQ_NOWAITVishal Verma