BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
5.15-stableio_uring: use state completion infra for poll reqsPavel Begunkov8 days
block-6.2Merge tag 'nvme-6.2-2023-02-02' of git:// into block-6.2Jens Axboe35 hours
for-6.3/blocklibceph: use bvec_set_page to initialize bvecsChristoph Hellwig12 hours
for-6.3/diofs: build the legacy direct I/O code conditionallyChristoph Hellwig8 days
for-6.3/io_uringio_uring: always go async for unsupported open flagsDylan Yudaken5 days
for-6.3/iov-extractmm: move FOLL_PIN debug accounting under CONFIG_DEBUG_VMJens Axboe3 days
for-nextMerge branch 'for-6.3/block' into for-nextJens Axboe12 hours
io_uring-6.2io_uring: always prep_async for drain requestsDylan Yudaken8 days
io_uring-bundleio_uring/bundle: disable IOSQE_IO_DRAIN on bundle requestsJens Axboe3 weeks
masterMerge tag 'block-6.2-2023-02-03' of git:// Torvalds10 hours
block-6.2-2023-02-03commit e02bbac74c...Jens Axboe11 hours
block-6.2-2023-01-27commit db3ba974c2...Jens Axboe7 days
io_uring-6.2-2023-01-27commit ef5c600adb...Jens Axboe7 days
io_uring-6.2-2023-01-21commit 8caa03f10b...Jens Axboe13 days
block-6.2-2023-01-20commit 955bc12299...Jens Axboe2 weeks
io_uring-6.2-2023-01-20commit 8579538c89...Jens Axboe2 weeks
io_uring-6.2-2023-01-13commit 544d163d65...Jens Axboe3 weeks
block-6.2-2023-01-13commit 3d25b1e836...Jens Axboe3 weeks
block-2023-01-06commit b2b50d5721...Jens Axboe4 weeks
io_uring-2023-01-06commit 12521a5d5c...Jens Axboe4 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2017-04-28block: hide badblocks attribute by defaultfor-4.12/blockDan Williams
2017-04-28blk-mq: unify hctx delay_work and run_workJens Axboe
2017-04-28block: add kblock_mod_delayed_work_on()Jens Axboe
2017-04-28blk-mq: unify hctx delayed_run_work and run_workJens Axboe
2017-04-28nbd: fix use after free on module unloadJosef Bacik
2017-04-28MAINTAINERS: bfq: Add Paolo as maintainer for the BFQ I/O schedulerUlf Hansson
2017-04-27blk-mq-sched: alloate reserved tags out of normal poolJens Axboe
2017-04-27mtip32xx: use runtime tag to initialize command headerMing Lei
2017-04-26scsi: Implement blk_mq_ops.show_rq()Bart Van Assche
2017-04-26blk-mq: Add blk_mq_ops.show_rq()Bart Van Assche