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2021-09-13build: Fix build flags supportGuillem Jover
2021-09-09liburing 2.1liburing-2.1Jens Axboe
2021-09-02build: add -D_GNU_SOURCE to all CPPFLAGS/CFLAGS.Uman Shahzad
2021-08-31io_uring.h: sync with 5.15 kernelJens Axboe
2021-08-31liburing: add helpers for direct open/acceptPavel Begunkov
2021-08-30liburing.h: correct max_worker nameJens Axboe
2021-08-28src/syscall.h: get rid of useless externsJens Axboe
2021-08-28Add io_uring_register_iowq_max_unbound() helperJens Axboe
2021-08-28Get rid of useless 'extern' on function declarations in liburing.hJens Axboe
2021-08-28Add (UN)REGISTER_IOWQ_AFF helpersJens Axboe
2021-08-27register: add tagging and buf update helpersPavel Begunkov
2021-08-27liburing.h: make header clean for implicit sign and size conversionsJens Axboe
2021-08-25liburing.h: dedup poll mask conversionPavel Begunkov
2021-08-25liburing.h: add a multipoll helperPavel Begunkov
2021-08-25Update io_uring.hJens Axboe
2021-08-13correct syscall NR in mipswangyangbo
2021-08-09Fix 32-bit compile warningsJens Axboe
2021-08-09liburing.h: make all file/IO offset __u64Jens Axboe
2021-08-08src/queue: don't flush SQ ring for new wait interfaceJens Axboe
2021-06-22Revert "liburing.h: add mknodat prep helper"Jens Axboe
2021-06-22Revert "io_uring.h: add mknodat opcode"Jens Axboe
2021-06-21liburing.h: add mknodat prep helperDmitry Kadashev
2021-06-21io_uring.h: add mknodat opcodeDmitry Kadashev
2021-06-21liburing.h: add linkat prep helperDmitry Kadashev
2021-06-21io_uring.h: add linkat opcodeDmitry Kadashev
2021-06-21liburing.h: add symlinkat prep helperDmitry Kadashev
2021-06-21io_uring.h: add symlinkat opcodeDmitry Kadashev
2021-06-21liburing.h: add mkdirat prep helperDmitry Kadashev
2021-06-18update rsrc register/update ABI and testsPavel Begunkov
2021-06-15queue: clean up SQ flushingPavel Begunkov
2021-05-07sync io_uring.h API file with Linux 5.13Pavel Begunkov
2021-04-27add tests for drain io with multishot reqsHao Xu
2021-04-14tests/poll: poll update as a part of poll removePavel Begunkov
2021-04-14src/setup: don't treat dummy ring init as failureJens Axboe
2021-04-14src/setup: add some documentation to the memlock helpersJens Axboe
2021-04-10setup: provide helpers to inquire about necessary mlock sizesmlock-sizeJens Axboe
2021-02-28Sync io_uring.h API file with Linux 5.12liburing-2.0Jens Axboe
2021-02-19setup: cleanup probe codeJens Axboe
2021-02-19setup: check whether malloc succ before using itZhiqiang Liu
2021-02-17io_uring_prep_sync_file_range: cleanupsJens Axboe
2021-02-14Added prep function for sync_file_range opjames
2021-02-13Merge branch 'Pr1' of Axboe
2021-02-11src/queue: never clear data->wait_nrJens Axboe
2021-02-11src/queue: control kernel enter with a varPavel Begunkov
2021-02-11src/queue: don't re-wait for CQEsPavel Begunkov
2021-02-08Merge branch 'AddDocForSplice' of Axboe
2021-02-08Merge branch 'master' of Axboe
2021-02-08src/queue: don't loop when don't enterPavel Begunkov