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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-04-01configure: Allow the configure script to fail with a non-zero exit codeAmmar Faizi
2022-02-23configure: Fix clang-12 warning `-Wdeprecated`Alviro Iskandar Setiawan
2022-02-23configure: Fix _GNU_SOURCE redefinition warningAlviro Iskandar Setiawan
2022-02-15configure: Support busybox mktempNugra
2022-01-28fix statx configure and build on !CONFIG_HAVE_STATX toolchainsJon Kohler
2021-11-12fix 'make' when using glibc >= 2.28Bikal Lem
2021-10-10configure: Add `CONFIG_NOLIBC` variable and macroAmmar Faizi
2021-10-06configure: add openat2.h for open_how and RESOLVE_* flagsJens Axboe
2021-09-11test/io_uring_register: fix -Wimplicit-function-declaration of memfd_createAmmar Faizi
2021-08-27configure: document --cc and --cxx optionsJens Axboe
2021-08-20examples: disable ucontext-cp for elbrus (e2k) architecturepechenkin
2021-07-28test/Makefile: silence string/array overflow for testsJens Axboe
2020-10-28examples: disable ucontext-cp if ucontext.h is not availableSimon Zeni
2020-10-23configure: Fix unsafe temporary file creationGuillem Jover
2020-07-08configure: fix typos in help/error messagesTobias Klauser
2020-06-28configure: Use $CC and $CXX as default compilers if setBart Van Assche
2020-06-28configure: test for presence of C++ compilerJens Axboe
2020-04-29fix build on musl libcMilan P. Stanić
2020-04-09configure: check for struct statxJens Axboe
2020-02-24configure: sync struct open_how with kernel APIJens Axboe
2020-02-20configure: fix mis-generation of compat.h for no __kernel_rwf_tJens Axboe
2020-02-12Auto-generate compat.hJens Axboe
2020-02-12Correctly handle if __kernel_timespec is definedJens Axboe
2020-02-07Fix symlink source if libdir != libdevdirStefan Metzmacher
2020-02-06configure/Makefile: introduce libdevdir defaults to $(libdir)Stefan Metzmacher
2020-01-08Add support for IORING_OP_OPENAT2Jens Axboe
2019-12-23configure: allow to set host CCJens Axboe
2019-11-28liburing: create an installation target for testsJohannes Thumshirn
2019-10-01Switch to 32/64-bit agnostic timeout formatJens Axboe
2019-08-28liburing: specifying --prefix to configure script was ineffective, fix.Kevin Vigor
2019-05-25configure: move directory options to ./configureStefan Hajnoczi
2019-01-15Add configure scriptJens Axboe