AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-02-28Sync io_uring.h API file with Linux 5.12liburing-2.0Jens Axboe
2021-02-28Add test case for exiting with SQPOLL and rings created disabledJens Axboe
2021-02-24Merge branch 'test-io-after-child-exit' of Axboe
2021-02-24test: use ring creation helpers where appropriateJens Axboe
2021-02-24test/helpers: add ring creation helpersJens Axboe
2021-02-24helpers: prefix any helper with t_ instead of io_uring_Jens Axboe
2021-02-23tests: add test for using ring after a forked child exits.Andres Freund
2021-02-23test/helpers: remove extra whitespaceJens Axboe
2021-02-23Merge branch 'add-memalign-helper' of Axboe
2021-02-23test/Makefile: ensure dependencies and build of helpers.[ch] is saneJens Axboe
2021-02-23helpers: add io_uring_create_buffers() helperZhiqiang Liu
2021-02-23helpers: add io_uring_create_file() helperZhiqiang Liu
2021-02-23helpers: add io_uring_calloc helperZhiqiang Liu
2021-02-22Merge branch 'add-memalign-helper' of Axboe
2021-02-23helpers: add io_uring_posix_memalign helperZhiqiang Liu
2021-02-22Merge branch 'fix-check-malloc' of Axboe
2021-02-23tests: add helpers.h to harden the testsZhiqiang Liu
2021-02-19setup: cleanup probe codeJens Axboe
2021-02-19Merge branch 'master' of Axboe
2021-02-19setup: check whether malloc succ before using itZhiqiang Liu
2021-02-18test: don't expect links to be partially executedPavel Begunkov
2021-02-17test: use random port in range for socket testsJens Axboe
2021-02-17test/fsync: use new io_uring_prep_sync_file_range() helperJens Axboe
2021-02-17io_uring_prep_sync_file_range: cleanupsJens Axboe
2021-02-17Merge branch 'master' of Axboe
2021-02-17test/read-write: skip too-big test on non-rootJens Axboe
2021-02-16.gitignore: add sendmsg_fs_cveJens Axboe
2021-02-14Added prep function for sync_file_range opjames
2021-02-13Merge branch 'Pr1' of Axboe
2021-02-13Merge branch 'uman/man7-install' of Axboe
2021-02-13Install man7 pagesUman Shahzad
2021-02-12a test for CVE-2020-29373 (AF_UNIX path resolution)Pavel Begunkov
2021-02-11tests: make the per-test device/file map TEST_MAPJens Axboe
2021-02-11src/queue: never clear data->wait_nrJens Axboe
2021-02-11test/sq-poll-share: don't ignore wait errorsPavel Begunkov
2021-02-11test/link-timeout: close pipes after yourselfPavel Begunkov
2021-02-11src/queue: control kernel enter with a varPavel Begunkov
2021-02-11src/queue: don't re-wait for CQEsPavel Begunkov
2021-02-10Add test case for circular reference SQPOLL hangJens Axboe
2021-02-08Merge branch 'AddDocForSplice' of Axboe
2021-02-08Merge branch 'master' of Axboe
2021-02-08src/queue: don't loop when don't enterPavel Begunkov
2021-02-08src/queue: clean _io_uring_get_cqe() err handlingPavel Begunkov
2021-02-08src/queue: don't wait for less than expectedPavel Begunkov
2021-02-08src/queue.c: don't test `LIBURING_UDATA_TIMEOUT`李通洲
2021-02-07test/poll*: use appropriately sized CQ ringJens Axboe
2021-02-07Add inline doc in the comments for io_uring_prep_spliceJiahao XU
2021-02-04Merge branch 'patch-2' of Axboe
2021-02-05Fix sigset_t not found in liburing.hJiahao XU
2021-02-02src/queue: update comment on io_uring_wait_cqes() with timeoutsJens Axboe