AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-05-18man/io_uring_register_buffers.3: add reference to buffer ringsbuf-ringJens Axboe
2022-05-18Add man pages for shared provided buffer ringsJens Axboe
2022-05-18Change io_uring_buf_ring_add() to take ring and buffer offsetJens Axboe
2022-05-18Change io_uring_register_buf_ring() to take a flags argumentJens Axboe
2022-05-18Add io_uring_unregister_buf_ring()Jens Axboe
2022-05-18Add combined cq+buf ring advance helperJens Axboe
2022-05-18test/send_recvmsg.c: use buffer ring helpersJens Axboe
2022-05-18liburing.c: add buffer ring supply/commit helpersJens Axboe
2022-05-18test/send_recvmsg: add buffer ring test casesJens Axboe
2022-05-18Add ring based registered buffersJens Axboe
2022-05-17test/msg-ring.c: add IOPOLL testJens Axboe
2022-05-17Merge branch 'fix/configure-statx' of Axboe
2022-05-17configure: fix compile-checks for statxSimon A. F. Lund
2022-05-17io_uring.h: sync with 5.19 io_uring releaseJens Axboe
2022-05-17io_uring.h: fix merge errorJens Axboe
2022-05-16man/io_uring_prep_accept.3: note availability of the multishot variantsJens Axboe
2022-05-16Merge branch 'accept-multi'Jens Axboe
2022-05-16man/io_uring_prep_recv{msg}.3: add new 5.19 flagsJens Axboe
2022-05-16man/io_uring_prep_cancel.3: document new 5.19 cancelation flagsJens Axboe
2022-05-16man/io_uring_setup.2: document 5.19 ring setup flagsJens Axboe
2022-05-16Merge branch 'big-sqe'Jens Axboe
2022-05-16test/nop: make less verbose and don't fail on older kernelsbig-sqeJens Axboe
2022-05-16liburing: Update io_uring.hKrishna Kanth Reddy
2022-05-16liburing: Test all configurations with NOP testStefan Roesch
2022-05-16liburing: add large CQE tests to nop testStefan Roesch
2022-05-16liburing: index large CQE's correctlyStefan Roesch
2022-05-16liburing: return correct ring size for large CQE'sStefan Roesch
2022-05-16liburing: increase mmap size for large CQE'sStefan Roesch
2022-05-16liburing: Update io_uring.h with large CQE kernel changesStefan Roesch
2022-05-16test/nop: add basic IORING_SETUP_SQE128 testsJens Axboe
2022-05-16setup: add basic support for SQE128Jens Axboe
2022-05-16io_uring.h: add IORING_SETUP_SQE128Jens Axboe
2022-05-16Merge branch 'xattr'Jens Axboe
2022-05-14test/send_recvmsg.c: only check buffer group ID if setJens Axboe
2022-05-14io_uring.h: add IORING_RECVSEND_POLL_FIRSTJens Axboe
2022-05-14io_uring.h: add IORING_CQE_F_SOCK_NONEMPTYJens Axboe
2022-05-14test/open-direct-pick.c: add test case for open direct with allocJens Axboe
2022-05-14Merge branch 'cancel-fd-all'Jens Axboe
2022-05-14Add sparse registration helper and kernel definitionJens Axboe
2022-05-14queue: add new IORING_SQ_TASKRUN flagJens Axboe
2022-05-14open/openat2: update man page to include IORING_FILE_INDEX_ALLOCaccept-multiJens Axboe
2022-05-14liburing.h: use helper for io_uring_prep_multishot_accept()Jens Axboe
2022-05-14man/io_uring_prep_accept.3: fixup some phrasingJens Axboe
2022-05-14man/io_uring_prep_accept.3: add man info for multishot acceptHao Xu
2022-05-14test/accept.c: test for multishot direct accept with wrong argHao Xu
2022-05-14test/accept.c: add test for multishot mode acceptHao Xu
2022-05-14liburing.h: add api to support multishot accept directHao Xu
2022-05-14liburing.h: support multishot acceptHao Xu
2022-05-14test/accept.c: close the listen fd at the end of the testHao Xu
2022-05-10man: update man pages for waiting on a CQE with a timeoutJens Axboe