AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2 daysrun link_drain test with defer_taskrun tooHEADmasterDylan Yudaken
2 daysadd a test using drain with IORING_SETUP_DEFER_TASKRUNDylan Yudaken
3 daystest/poll: add test case with a ton of poll requests for the ring itselfJens Axboe
3 daystest: fix parallel send-zerocopyPavel Begunkov
6 daystests/msg_ring: remote submit to a deferred tw ringPavel Begunkov
6 daystests/msg_ring: refactor test_remotePavel Begunkov
6 daystest/msg_ring: test msg_ring to a disabled ringPavel Begunkov
6 daystests/msg_ring: test msg_ring with deferred twPavel Begunkov
6 daystests/msg_ring: use correct exit codesPavel Begunkov
6 daysman/io_uring_prep_msg_ring: add note on sending to a disabled ringJens Axboe
8 daystest/accept: remove leftover debug codeJens Axboe
8 daystest/read-before-exit: handle IOPOLL failure on older kernelsJens Axboe
8 daystest/accept: gracefully accept test skipsJens Axboe
8 daystest/helpers: don't warn for -EINVAL on ring createJens Axboe
9 daystest/poll-race-mshot: skip test if no provided buffer ring is availableJens Axboe
9 daystest/msg-ring-overflow: skip on kernels without full submitJens Axboe
9 daystest: get rid of variout "not supported, skipped" messagesJens Axboe
9 daystest/poll-race-mshot: add poll race test with regular recv and pbufsJens Axboe
9 daystest/poll-race-mshot: add test case for poll race with multishotJens Axboe
9 daystest/iopoll: add explicit test case for io_uring_peek_cqe() and IOPOLLJens Axboe
10 daystest/msg-ring-flags: test remote passing as wellJens Axboe
10 daystest/msg-ring-flags: add overflow testJens Axboe
10 daystest/msg-ring-flags: reduce queue size to 2Jens Axboe
10 daystest/msg-ring-overflow: add overflow tests for IORING_OP_MSG_RINGJens Axboe
10 daystest/msg-ring: don't print 'skipped' when test gets skippedJens Axboe
11 daystest/helpers: fix socket length typeGabriel Krisman Bertazi
12 daysMerge branch 'pu/liburing-ffi.pc' of Axboe
12 daysMerge branch 'pu/man-fixes' of Axboe
12 dayspkgconfig: Add a liburing-ffi.pc fileGuillem Jover
12 daysman: Fix typosGuillem Jover
12 daysSwitch URLs from http to httpsGuillem Jover
13 daystests: lazy pollwq activation for disabled ringsPavel Begunkov
13 daystests: test DEFER_TASKRUN in poll-manyPavel Begunkov
13 daystests: refactor poll-many.cPavel Begunkov
13 daysREADME: Explain about FFI supportAmmar Faizi
13 daysREADME: Explain how to build liburingAmmar Faizi
2023-01-14test/iopoll-overflow: add specific test for IOPOLL overflowJens Axboe Export `io_uring_{enable_rings,register_restrictions}`Ammar Faizi
2023-01-12man/io_uring_prep_splice.3: Fix description in io_uring_prep_splice() manpageAmmar Faizi
2023-01-12man/io_uring_prep_splice.3: Explain more about io_uring_prep_splice()Ammar Faizi
2023-01-12liburing.h: 's/is adjust/is adjusted/' and fix indentationAmmar Faizi
2023-01-12CHANGELOG: Note about --nolibc configure option deprecationAmmar Faizi Add io_uring_prep_msg_ring_cqe_flags() functionAmmar Faizi
2023-01-11test/msg-ring-flags: cleanups for skipping on unsupported kernelsJens Axboe
2023-01-11Merge branch 'master' of Axboe
2023-01-11man: update send/send_zc/sendmsg on IOSQE_IO_LINK usageJens Axboe
2023-01-11test/io_uring_prep_msg_ring_cqe_flags new testBreno Leitao
2023-01-11man/io_uring_prep_msg_ring: Add additional functionBreno Leitao
2023-01-10test/poll-race: skip test if argument is givenJens Axboe
2023-01-10test/poll-race: add test case for racy poll handlingJens Axboe