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@@ -337,6 +337,25 @@ If this flag is set, then io_uring supports a variety of features related
to fixed files and buffers. In particular, it indicates that registered
buffers can be updated in-place, whereas before the full set would have to
be unregistered first. Available since kernel 5.13.
+If this flag is set, then io_uring supports setting
+in the submitted SQE, indicating that no CQE should be generated for this
+SQE if it executes normally. If an error happens processing the SQE, a
+CQE with the appropriate error value will still be generated. Available since
+kernel 5.17.
+If this flag is set, then io_uring supports sane assignment of files for SQEs
+that have dependencies. For example, if a chain of SQEs are submitted with
+then kernels without this flag will prepare the file for each link upfront.
+If a previous link opens a file with a known index, eg if direct descriptors
+are used with open or accept, then file assignment needs to happen post
+execution of that SQE. If this flag is set, then the kernel will defer
+file assignment until execution of a given request is started. Available since
+kernel 5.17.
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