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man/io_uring_prep_accept.3: fixup some phrasing
Signed-off-by: Jens Axboe <>
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--- a/man/io_uring_prep_accept.3
+++ b/man/io_uring_prep_accept.3
@@ -87,21 +87,32 @@ return.
For a direct descriptor accept request, the
.I file_index
argument can be set to
In this case a free entry in io_uring file table will
be used automatically and the file index will be returned as CQE
.I res.
is otherwise returned if there is no free entries in the io_uring file table.
-The multishot version accept and accept_direct perform a bit different with the
-normal ones. Users only need to issue one this kind of request to listen all
-the comming fds, each fd accepted is returned in a CQE. One thing to notice is
-io_uring_prep_multishot_accept_direct() only works in
+The multishot version accept and accept_direct allow an application to issue
+a single accept request, which will repeatedly trigger a CQE when a connection
+request comes in. Like other multishot type requests, the application should
+look at the CQE
+.I flags
+and see if
+is set on completion as an indication of whether or not the accept request
+will generate further CQEs.
+For multishot with direct descriptors,
-mode, which means the CQE
+must be used as the file descriptor. This tells io_uring to allocate a free
+direct descriptor from our table, rather than the application passing one in.
+Failure to do so will result in the accept request being terminated with
+The allocated descriptor will be returned in the CQE
.I res
-returned is a file index counted from 1 not a real fd.
+field, like a non-direct accept request.
This function prepares an async
.BR accept4 (2)
@@ -112,7 +123,7 @@ None
.I res
-field will contain the result of the operation. For singleshot accept,the
+field will contain the result of the operation. For singleshot accept, the
non-direct accept returns the installed file descriptor as its value, the
direct accept returns
.B 0