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GitHub throws away the relevant information like having even a valid email address for the person asking to pull. Another common problem on GitHub, people don't do any of the simplest things that the kernel people expect from a commit message, like: - No "short one-line description in the first line". - No sane word-wrap of the long description. GitHub commit messages tend to be (if they have any description at all) one long unreadable line. - No sign-off and other tags that we require for commit message. Let's fix this by creating a pull request template that contains pull request guidelines for GitHub Pull Request. Link: Signed-off-by: Ammar Faizi <>
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+<!-- Explain your changes here... -->
+## git request-pull output:
+Generate your PR shortlog and diffstat with these commands:
+ git remote add axboe-tree
+ git fetch axboe-tree
+ git request-pull axboe-tree/master your_fork_URL your_branch_name
+Then replace this with the output of `git request-pull` command.
+<!-- END REPLACE ME -->
+<summary>Click to show/hide pull request guidelines</summary>
+## Pull Request Guidelines
+1. To make everyone easily filter pull request from the email
+notification, use `[GIT PULL]` as a prefix in your PR title.
+[GIT PULL] Your Pull Request Title
+2. Follow the commit message format rules below.
+3. Follow the Linux kernel coding style (see:
+### Commit message format rules:
+1. The first line is title (don't be more than 72 chars if possible).
+2. Then an empty line.
+3. Then a description (may be omitted for trivial changes).
+4. Then an empty line again (if it has a description).
+5. Then a `Signed-off-by` tag with your real name and email. For example:
+Signed-off-by: Foo Bar <>
+Description should be word-wrapped at 72 chars. Some things should not
+be word-wrapped. They may be some kind of quoted text - long compiler
+error messages, oops reports, Link, etc. (things that have a certain
+specific format).
+If the commit is a fix for an issue, add a `Fixes` tag with the issue
+Don't use GitHub anonymous email like this as the commit author:
+Use a real email address!
+### Commit message example:
+src/queue: don't flush SQ ring for new wait interface
+If we have IORING_FEAT_EXT_ARG, then timeouts are done through the
+syscall instead of by posting an internal timeout. This was done
+to be both more efficient, but also to enable multi-threaded use
+the wait side. If we touch the SQ state by flushing it, that isn't
+safe without synchronization.
+Signed-off-by: Jens Axboe <>
+## By submitting this pull request, I acknowledge that:
+1. I have followed the above pull request guidelines.
+2. I have the rights to submit this work under the same license.
+3. I agree to a Developer Certificate of Origin (see for more information).