BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
cqring-nodropAdd test case for IORING_SETUP_CQ_NODROPJens Axboe5 months
fd-selecttest/orc: soft fail if filename isn't givenJens Axboe4 weeks
issue25Add test case for commit 7ad0e4b2f83cJens Axboe4 months
libaio-wrapperring jazzJens Axboe4 months
link-timeoutAdd IORING_OP_LINK_TIMEOUT test casesJens Axboe5 months
masterAdd test/splice to .gitignoreStefano Garzarella9 days
timeoutTest support for timed waitJens Axboe6 months
v0.5Update versions to 0.5Jens Axboe5 weeks
liburing-0.5liburing-0.5.tar.gz  liburing-0.5.tar.bz2  Jens Axboe5 weeks
liburing-0.4liburing-0.4.tar.gz  liburing-0.4.tar.bz2  Jens Axboe6 weeks
liburing-0.3liburing-0.3.tar.gz  liburing-0.3.tar.bz2  Jens Axboe3 months
liburing-0.2liburing-0.2.tar.gz  liburing-0.2.tar.bz2  Jens Axboe5 months
liburing-0.1liburing-0.1.tar.gz  liburing-0.1.tar.bz2  Jens Axboe8 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
9 daysAdd test/splice to .gitignoreHEADmasterStefano Garzarella
11 daystest/read-write: skip IOSQE_ASYNC if not supportedJens Axboe
12 daysio_uring.h: correct spdx headerJens Axboe
14 daystest/read-write: add RLIMIT_SIZE test caseJens Axboe
14 daystest/fallocate: add test case for exceeding RLIMIT_FSIZEJens Axboe
2020-03-19spec: add ./configure --libdevdir= for development package filesStefan Hajnoczi
2020-03-19spec: use "or" instead of "/" in License lineStefan Hajnoczi
2020-03-14test/link-timeout: accept -ECANCELED for bad address write as wellJens Axboe
2020-03-14test/read-write: add test case for links with async/drainJens Axboe
2020-03-13test/test/sq-space_left: test kernel vs liburing side sync on short submitJens Axboe