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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-08-02parse: bump max value pairs supported from 24 to 32Jens Axboe
2019-07-01Increase maximum length of line in jobs file to 8192Nick Principe
2018-07-23Add support for >= 4G block sizesJeff Furlong
2018-04-17parse: add support for soft deprecated optionsJens Axboe
2018-04-04option parsing: Mark arguments that are not modified as 'const'Bart Van Assche
2018-04-04parse.h: Remove a superfluous castBart Van Assche
2017-12-15parse: dump option type when using --debug=parseJens Axboe
2017-07-12parse: enable options to be marked dont-freeJens Axboe
2017-01-19Change td_var() to take void* for the first argTomohiro Kusumi
2017-01-19Move options_mem_dupe() to parse.cTomohiro Kusumi
2016-08-18parse: fix void * pointer math complaintJens Axboe
2016-08-15Various cleanupsJens Axboe
2016-08-15parse: remove dead codeJens Axboe
2016-08-15parse: get rid of __td_var()Jens Axboe
2016-06-08parse: add support for unsupported optionsJens Axboe
2015-12-22parse: ensure that option group/category hold 64-bitJens Axboe
2015-12-17Ensure that command line options also end up in json outputJens Axboe
2015-12-15Rework 'dump_cmdline'Jens Axboe
2015-08-21parse: only print option mismatch help, if the distance is close enoughJens Axboe
2015-05-06Add support for options being a power-of-2Jens Axboe
2014-12-05parse: make suggestions for unknown optionsJens Axboe
2014-11-10Fixup some of the time (usec) based conversionsStephen M. Cameron
2014-06-18Add support for compiling for ESXJens Axboe
2014-02-21Unify the time handlingJens Axboe
2014-02-12Fix g++ warning about void* used in arithmeticDaniel Gollub
2014-02-12Make parse.h C++ safe by avoiding "or" keywordDaniel Gollub
2014-02-11parse: cleanup difference between profile and normal optionsJens Axboe
2014-02-11parse: get rid of raw option offsetsJens Axboe
2013-11-26init: escape description option stringJens Axboe
2013-04-24Add support for other ways of triggering intermediate result outputsJens Axboe
2012-11-14Merge branch 'master' into gfioJens Axboe
2012-11-06Add sample zipf distribution randomizerJens Axboe
2012-09-24Merge branch 'master' into gfioJens Axboe
2012-09-20parse: increase max option possible values to 24Jens Axboe
2012-09-14Add support for trim as a workload typeShaohua Li
2012-03-20options: add ->hide_on_setJens Axboe
2012-03-19Add support for inverse optionsJens Axboe
2012-03-19gfio: improve option editJens Axboe
2012-03-16Add hint on whether to hide a sub option if a parent isn't setJens Axboe
2012-03-16Allow options to specify intervalsJens Axboe
2012-03-16gfio: start of options view and editJens Axboe
2012-03-12Group options into categoriesJens Axboe
2011-11-09Private parameters for ioenginesSteven Lang
2011-10-28Cleanup option keyword/environment substitutionSteven Lang
2011-10-14Memory leak fixesJens Axboe
2011-09-07Revert "Fix parser bug with ranges"Jens Axboe
2011-09-07Fix parser bug with rangesJens Axboe
2011-08-30Add sub-option support (sort-of) and convert libaio_userspace_reapJens Axboe
2011-08-13stats: Add a function to report completion latency percentilesYu-ju Hong
2011-07-12Allow percentage setting for size=Jens Axboe