path: root/io_u_queue.h
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-10-19fio: enable cross-thread overlap checking with processesVincent Fu
2018-03-21Refactor #includes and headersSitsofe Wheeler
2017-11-02io_u_queue: convert rings to boolJens Axboe
2015-03-19io_u_queue: add debug assert check on adding too many elementsJens Axboe
2014-09-30Constify 'td' in a few functionsJens Axboe
2014-07-23verify: fix a bug with verify_asyncJens Axboe
2014-02-13io_u_qiter: Fix buffer overrunSitsofe Wheeler
2013-05-28Replace list based free/busy/requeue list with FIFO + ringJens Axboe