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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
8 hoursPer-command priority: Priority logging and libaio/io_uring cmdprio_percentagePhillip Chen
2019-02-23zbd: Fix zone locking for async I/O enginesDamien Le Moal
2018-08-24Introduce the io_u.post_submit callback function pointerBart Van Assche
2018-08-21io_u: residiual size should be unsigned long longJeff Furlong
2018-07-23Add support for >= 4G block sizesJeff Furlong
2018-04-08Remove binject engineJens Axboe
2018-03-21Refactor #includes and headersSitsofe Wheeler
2017-12-29debug: make debug=io readable with multiple threadsRobert Elliott
2017-06-21nanosecond: initial commit changing timeval to timespecVincent Fu
2017-03-28Separate io_u from ioengine [1/3] - add io_u.hTomohiro Kusumi