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5 hoursfio: add FIO_RO_NEEDS_RW_OPEN ioengine flagHEADmasterVincent Fu
2022-12-22engines/xnvme: add support for picking mem backendAnkit Kumar
2022-12-22engines/xnvme: add subnqn to fio-optionsAnkit Kumar
2022-12-22engines/xnvme: user space vfio based backendAnkit Kumar
2022-12-22engines/xnvme: fixes for xnvme ioengineAnkit Kumar
2022-12-02engines/libblkio: Share a single blkio instance among threads in same processAlberto Faria
2022-12-02engines/libblkio: Add options for some driver-specific propertiesAlberto Faria
2022-12-02engines/libblkio: Add option libblkio_force_enable_completion_eventfdAlberto Faria
2022-12-02engines/libblkio: Add option libblkio_wait_modeAlberto Faria
2022-12-02engines/libblkio: Add option libblkio_write_zeroes_on_trimAlberto Faria
2022-12-02engines/libblkio: Add option libblkio_vectoredAlberto Faria
2022-12-02engines/libblkio: Add support for poll queuesAlberto Faria
2022-12-02engines/libblkio: Allow setting option mem/iomemAlberto Faria
2022-12-02Add a libblkio engineAlberto Faria
2022-11-23engines:io_uring: fix clat calculation for sqthread pollAnkit Kumar
2022-11-18engines/libzbc: add libzbc_finish_zone() helper functionShin'ichiro Kawasaki
2022-11-04io_uring: update documentation and small fix for sqthread_pollAnkit Kumar
2022-10-18libcufile: use generic_get_file_sizeBrian T. Smith
2022-10-12engines/io_uring: set coop taskrun, single issuer and defer taskrunAnkit Kumar
2022-10-04Android: Fix the build of the 'sg' engineBart Van Assche
2022-10-03engines/io_uring: add fixedbufs support for io_uring_cmdAnuj Gupta
2022-09-06rpma: add support for libpmem2 to librpma engine in GPSPM modeKacper Stefanski
2022-09-06rpma: add support for libpmem2 to librpma engine in APM modeKacper Stefanski
2022-09-06rpma: simplify server_cmpl_process()Lukasz Dorau
2022-08-31engines/io_uring: set single issuer and defer taskrunJens Axboe
2022-08-31engines/io_uring: set COOP_TASKRUN for ring setupJens Axboe
2022-08-25engines/io_uring: delete debug codeJens Axboe
2022-08-24engines/io_uring: pass back correct error value when interruptedJens Axboe
2022-08-16engines/xnvme: fix segfault issue with xnvme ioengineAnkit Kumar
2022-08-11Merge branch 's3_crypto' of Fu
2022-08-11ioengines: merge filecreate, filestat, filedelete engines to
2022-08-11engines/http: Add s3 crypto options for s3Feng, Hualong
2022-08-11engines/http: Add storage class option for s3Feng, Hualong
2022-08-07engines/null: add FIO_ASYNCIO_SETS_ISSUE_TIME flagVincent Fu
2022-08-03engines/null: fill issue_time during commitVincent Fu
2022-07-22engines/nfs: remove commit hookVincent Fu
2022-07-19engines/http: silence openssl 3.0 deprecation warningsJens Axboe
2022-07-19Fixed misplaced goto in http.cGiuseppe Baccini
2022-07-01hash: cleanupsJens Axboe
2022-06-15ioengines: clean up latency accounting for 3 ioenginesVincent Fu
2022-06-15ioengines: update last_issue if we set issue_timeVincent Fu
2022-06-15ioengines: don't record issue_time if ioengines already do itVincent Fu
2022-06-02engines/nvme: ioctl return value is an intJens Axboe
2022-06-02engines/nvme: fix 'fd' leak in error handlingJens Axboe
2022-06-02engines/io_uring: cleanup supported caseJens Axboe
2022-06-02engines/io_uring: Enable zone device support for io_uring_cmd I/O engineAnkit Kumar
2022-06-02engines/io_uring: add new I/O engine for uring passthrough supportAnuj Gupta
2022-06-02nvme: add nvme opcodes, structures and helper functionsAnkit Kumar
2022-05-29engines/ceph: add option for setting config file pathliangmingyuan
2022-05-22pmemblk.c: fix one logic bug - read always with writedennis.wu