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2017-07-27examples: add a butterfly seek job fileSitsofe Wheeler
Add a job file that approximates doing read at start read at end read at start+1 read at end-1 [...] read at end-1 read at start+1 read at end read at start Signed-off-by: Sitsofe Wheeler <>
2017-01-20fix manpage heading issueMikhail Terekhov
Sphinx skips zero level headins when generating manpages. Increasing sections depth solves missing headers problem.
2017-01-18Revert README and HOWTO files renaming.Mikhail Terekhov
github doesn't support Sphinx extencions to ReStructured text format.
2017-01-17add .rst suffix to README and HOWTOMikhail Terekhov
2017-01-17Convert documentation to reStructured text.Mikhail Terekhov
Reshuffle contents of README and HOWTO Add some job file examples to HTML docs Automatically generate fio.1 manpage
2017-01-17run sphinx-quickstartMikhail Terekhov