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2021-11-21Mixed dedup and compressionBar David
Introducing support for dedupe and compression on the same job. When used together, compression is calculated from unique capacity. E.g. when using dedupe_percentage=50 and buffer_compress_percentage=50, then total reduction should be 75% - 50% would be deduped while 50% of the remaining buffers would be compressed Signed-off-by: Bar David <>
2021-07-15dedupe: allow to generate dedupe buffers from working setBar David
This commit introduced new dedupe generation mode "working_set". Working set mode simulates a more realistic approach to deduped data, in which deduped buffers are generated from pre-existing working set - % size of the device or file. In other words, dedupe is not usually expected to be close in time with the source buffer, as well as source buffers are usually composed of small subset of the entire file or device. Signed-off-by: Bar David <>