AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-12-05Revert "filesetup: don't call create_work_dirs() for ioengine with FIO_DISKLE...issue-870Jens Axboe
2019-11-27Merge branch 'engine-rados-fix-first' of Axboe
2019-11-27engines/rados: fix error with getting last instead of first element from listAdam Kupczyk
2019-11-26Merge branch 'fallocate-truncate' of Axboe
2019-11-25Merge branch 'rados-now-use-completion-callbacks' of Axboe
2019-11-25Merge branch 'const1' of Axboe
2019-11-25engines/rados: changed polling to completion callbacks methodologyAdam Kupczyk
2019-11-26parse: Silence discard-const warning on OpenBSDTomohiro Kusumi
2019-11-14t/run-fio-tests: improve error handlingVincent Fu
2019-11-14io_u: move to next zone even if zoneskip is unsetVincent Fu
2019-11-14filesetup: improve LFSR init failure error messageVincent Fu
2019-11-12filesetup: add fallocate=truncate option.Trip Volpe
2019-11-06Merge branch 'testing' of Axboe
2019-11-06t/run-fio-tests: a script to automate running fio testsVincent Fu
2019-11-06t/jobs: fix t0011 syntax errorVincent Fu
2019-11-06t/jobs: clean up t0009 and use only 4 CPUsVincent Fu
2019-11-06t/jobs: drop time_based in t0007Vincent Fu
2019-11-06t/jobs: use current directory for test file for t0003 and t0004Vincent Fu
2019-11-06t/jobs: fixup t0002 test jobsVincent Fu
2019-11-06t/stest: non-zero exit value on failureVincent Fu
2019-11-06t/ drop six.moves dependencyVincent Fu
2019-11-06t/steadystate_tests: better support automated testingVincent Fu
2019-11-06t/ change LFSR testsVincent Fu
2019-11-06t/readonly: replace shell script with python scriptVincent Fu
2019-11-06t/iee754: add return valueVincent Fu
2019-11-05arch-arm: Consider armv7ve arch as wellKhem Raj
2019-11-03Merge branch 'master' of Axboe
2019-11-03Enable io_uring engine on powerpc archMikhail Malygin
2019-11-02engines/libaio.c: remove unused 'hipri' settingJens Axboe
2019-10-29Merge branch 'patch-1' of Axboe
2019-10-29Merge branch '1029_tet' of Axboe
2019-10-29backend: fix the memory leak if fio_memalign fails,Ziye Yang
2019-10-29Fix output redirection of exec_prerun/_postrunhannesweisbach
2019-10-24Merge branch 'doc_fixes' of Axboe
2019-10-24doc: delete repeated word "will"Sitsofe Wheeler
2019-10-24man: don't use non-breaking minuses when they're not necessarySitsofe Wheeler
2019-10-21Merge branch 'android-log-fix' of Axboe
2019-10-20Makefile: Link to the system logging library on AndroidDanny Lin
2019-10-15Merge branch 'fix-fsync-on-close' of Axboe
2019-10-15testing: add test script for zonemode=stridedVincent Fu
2019-10-15filesetup: use zonerange for map and LFSR with zonemode=stridedVincent Fu
2019-10-15io_u: skip to the next zone when zoneskip is set to zeroVincent Fu
2019-10-14parse: improve detection of bad input stringJens Axboe
2019-10-13Merge branch 'fix-corrupt-hist-log' of Axboe
2019-10-13stat: fix corruption in histogram logsSitsofe Wheeler
2019-10-08Merge branch 'bumpflocks' of Axboe
2019-10-08Increase MAX_FILELOCKS for highly parallel IO testEarle F. Philhower, III
2019-10-08backend: fix final fsync behaviourSitsofe Wheeler
2019-10-07Merge branch 'replay-blktrace-fixes' of Axboe
2019-10-06Merge branch 'error-on-implicit-decl' of Axboe