AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-02-21Fio 2.0.14fio-2.0.14Jens Axboe
2013-02-21Fix problem with terminating on unaligned sizesJens Axboe
2013-02-21Add FreeBSD cpu affinity support.Bruce Cran
2013-02-21Declare 'prev' and 'this' outside the loop to avoid clang warning about 'prev...Bruce Cran
2013-02-21Fixup ia64 32-bit register clock cycle readJens Axboe
2013-02-21Fix x86 32-bit wrong variable type for rdtscJens Axboe
2013-02-21README: kill reference to non-functional SUSE package pageJens Axboe
2013-02-21Add recommendation that fio be run in a native console on Windows.Bruce Cran
2013-02-21Update all Windows files except dobuild.cmd to use LF line endingsBruce Cran
2013-02-21check output_format before calling show_idle_prof_stats()Huadong Liu
2013-02-21t/axmap: add pre/post bit set checksJens Axboe
2013-02-18Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Axboe
2013-02-18Fix replay of IO pattern with multiple open filesNikolaus Jeremic
2013-02-18configure: missing Android config optionsAaron Carroll
2013-02-12configure: attempt to get Android going againAaron Carroll
2013-02-11Initialize global and non-static variablesJens Axboe
2013-02-11Turn f->engine_data into a 64-bit valueJens Axboe
2013-02-11configure: ensure that fatal errors kill config-host.h and mak filesJens Axboe
2013-02-11Handle end_fsync if a file is closedJens Axboe
2013-02-10configure: allow --cpu to be specifiedJens Axboe
2013-02-08Fix rate limitingJens Axboe
2013-02-08Windows: io cancellation often fails and causes crashes, so remove it.Bruce Cran
2013-02-07Fix bug with rate and read/write mixed workloads at 100% biasJens Axboe
2013-02-07t/log: include minmax.h for min()Jens Axboe
2013-02-07Makfile: use LINK for the link phaseJens Axboe
2013-02-07Fix zones for numjobs=x, where x > 1Jens Axboe
2013-02-07stat: fix wrong type used for 32-bit compilesJens Axboe
2013-02-07Fix crash and precision of ETA with zonesJens Axboe
2013-02-07Windows: fix mlock, remove ftruncate and fix error handling.Bruce Cran
2013-02-07Windows: fix sysconf(_SC_PHYS_PAGES).Bruce Cran
2013-02-06Get rid of fallocate on WindowsJens Axboe
2013-02-06Handle normal output wrapping of the percentile listJens Axboe
2013-02-06Cleanup the percentile output formattingJens Axboe
2013-02-06Handle percentile lists with higher precision that 2 digitsVincent Kang Fu
2013-02-05Add --build-32bit-win switch to configure --help output.Bruce Cran
2013-02-05windowsaio: fix file header format and improve error reporting.Bruce Cran
2013-02-05Makefile: fixup init.c dependencyJens Axboe
2013-02-05Enable forced 32-bit build on WindowsHuadong Liu
2013-02-05Fix copy/paste error in windowsaio register/unregister function names.Bruce Cran
2013-02-04Update the Windows installerBruce Cran
2013-02-03gettime: fixup AMD constant TSC detectionJens Axboe
2013-02-03Fix failure to exit IO loop on some IO sizesJens Axboe
2013-02-03Update the Windows section of the README file.Bruce Cran
2013-02-03Remove duplicated Windows configure options.Bruce Cran
2013-02-03Default to CS_GTOD if CONFIG_CLOCK_GETTIME isn't defined.Bruce Cran
2013-02-02values.h is obsolete: use float.h and DBL_MIN/MAX instead.Bruce Cran
2013-02-02clock: hardwire tsc as unreliable on Solaris for nowJens Axboe
2013-02-02parse: use MIN/MAXDOUBLE instead of some representation of NANJens Axboe
2013-02-02Fix percentile_list optionVincent Kang Fu
2013-02-01Makefile: fixup dependency problem for files in sub dirsJens Axboe