AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
4 hoursengines/libzbc: set FIO_RO_NEEDS_RW_OPEN engine flagHEADmasterJens Axboe
7 hoursMerge branch 'perf-Avoid_Clock_Check_For_No_Rate_Check' of Axboe
7 hoursImprove IOPs 50% by avoiding clock sampling when rate options not usedHorshack
3 daysfio: add FIO_RO_NEEDS_RW_OPEN ioengine flagVincent Fu
3 daysMerge branch 'master' of Fu
3 daysAdd -replay_skip support for fio-generated I/O logsHorshack
6 dayslib/pattern: fix formattingVincent Fu
6 daystest: add test for lib/pattern segfault issueVincent Fu
7 dayslib/pattern: Fix seg fault when calculating pattern lengthVincent Fu
12 daysEnable crc32c accelleration for arm64 on OSXJens Axboe
13 daysMakefile: add -Wno-stringop-truncation for Axboe
2023-01-23tools/fiograph: accommodate job files not ending in .fioVincent Fu
2023-01-19examples: remove test.pngVincent Fu
2023-01-18tools/fiograph: improve default config file searchVincent Fu
2023-01-18tools/fiograph: improve default output file nameVincent Fu
2023-01-18tools/fiograph: add link to file formatsVincent Fu
2023-01-11examples: add missing fiograph diagram for sg_write_same_ndob.fioVincent Fu
2023-01-11doc: clarify the usage of rw_sequencerAnkit Kumar
2022-12-22engines/xnvme: add support for picking mem backendAnkit Kumar
2022-12-22engines/xnvme: add subnqn to fio-optionsAnkit Kumar
2022-12-22engines/xnvme: user space vfio based backendAnkit Kumar
2022-12-22engines/xnvme: fixes for xnvme ioengineAnkit Kumar
2022-12-16t/run-fio-tests: relax acceptance criteria for t0008Vincent Fu
2022-12-16examples: add missing fiograph diagramsVincent Fu
2022-12-16tools/fiograph: update config fileVincent Fu
2022-12-15example: add a zoned block device write example with GC by trim workloadShin'ichiro Kawasaki
2022-12-15example: add a zoned block device write example with GC by zone resetsShin'ichiro Kawasaki
2022-12-15HOWTO/man: improve descriptions of max open zones optionsShin'ichiro Kawasaki
2022-12-15man: fix troff warningShin'ichiro Kawasaki
2022-12-12t/io_uring: adjust IORING_REGISTER_MAP_BUFFERS valueJens Axboe
2022-12-02engines/libblkio: Share a single blkio instance among threads in same processAlberto Faria
2022-12-02engines/libblkio: Add options for some driver-specific propertiesAlberto Faria
2022-12-02engines/libblkio: Add option libblkio_force_enable_completion_eventfdAlberto Faria
2022-12-02engines/libblkio: Add option libblkio_wait_modeAlberto Faria
2022-12-02engines/libblkio: Add option libblkio_write_zeroes_on_trimAlberto Faria
2022-12-02engines/libblkio: Add option libblkio_vectoredAlberto Faria
2022-12-02engines/libblkio: Add support for poll queuesAlberto Faria
2022-12-02engines/libblkio: Allow setting option mem/iomemAlberto Faria
2022-12-02Add engine flag FIO_SKIPPABLE_IOMEM_ALLOCAlberto Faria
2022-12-02Add a libblkio engineAlberto Faria
2022-12-01doc: update about sizeAnkit Kumar
2022-11-30backend: respect return value of init_io_u_buffersShin'ichiro Kawasaki
2022-11-29docs: description for experimental_verifyVincent Fu
2022-11-29docs: synchronize fio.1 and HOWTO changesVincent Fu
2022-11-28Merge branch 'lintian-manpage-fixes' of Axboe
2022-11-28Use correct backslash escape in man 1 fioSven Hoexter
2022-11-28Spelling: Fix allows to -> allows one to in man 1 fioSven Hoexter
2022-11-23doc: update about sqthread_pollAnkit Kumar
2022-11-23engines:io_uring: fix clat calculation for sqthread pollAnkit Kumar
2022-11-23Merge branch 'patch-1' of Axboe