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@@ -1912,6 +1912,9 @@ I/O engine supporting asynchronous read and write operations to
NFS filesystems from userspace via libnfs. This is useful for
achieving higher concurrency and thus throughput than is possible
via kernel NFS.
+.B exec
+Execute 3rd party tools. Could be used to perform monitoring during jobs runtime.
.SS "I/O engine specific parameters"
In addition, there are some parameters which are only valid when a specific
\fBioengine\fR is in use. These are used identically to normal parameters,
@@ -2298,6 +2301,31 @@ Use DAOS container's object class by default.
.BI (nfs)nfs_url
URL in libnfs format, eg nfs://<server|ipv4|ipv6>/path[?arg=val[&arg=val]*]
Refer to the libnfs README for more details.
+.BI (exec)program\fR=\fPstr
+Specify the program to execute.
+Note the program will receive a SIGTERM when the job is reaching the time limit.
+A SIGKILL is sent once the job is over. The delay between the two signals is defined by \fBgrace_time\fR option.
+.BI (exec)arguments\fR=\fPstr
+Specify arguments to pass to program.
+Some special variables can be expanded to pass fio's job details to the program :
+.B %r
+replaced by the duration of the job in seconds
+.BI %n
+replaced by the name of the job
+.BI (exec)grace_time\fR=\fPint
+Defines the time between the SIGTERM and SIGKILL signals. Default is 1 second.
+.BI (exec)std_redirect\fR=\fbool
+If set, stdout and stderr streams are redirected to files named from the job name. Default is true.
.SS "I/O depth"
.BI iodepth \fR=\fPint