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@@ -1173,6 +1173,10 @@ I/O type
Pre-allocate via :manpage:`fallocate(2)` with
+ **truncate**
+ Extend file to final size via :manpage:`ftruncate(2)`
+ instead of allocating.
Backward-compatible alias for **none**.
@@ -1182,7 +1186,15 @@ I/O type
May not be available on all supported platforms. **keep** is only available
on Linux. If using ZFS on Solaris this cannot be set to **posix**
because ZFS doesn't support pre-allocation. Default: **native** if any
- pre-allocation methods are available, **none** if not.
+ pre-allocation methods except **truncate** are available, **none** if not.
+ Note that using **truncate** on Windows will interact surprisingly
+ with non-sequential write patterns. When writing to a file that has
+ been extended by setting the end-of-file information, Windows will
+ backfill the unwritten portion of the file up to that offset with
+ zeroes before issuing the new write. This means that a single small
+ write to the end of an extended file will stall until the entire
+ file has been filled with zeroes.
.. option:: fadvise_hint=str