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authorShin'ichiro Kawasaki <>2021-01-27 13:19:19 +0900
committerJens Axboe <>2021-01-29 08:14:00 -0700
commit403ea79591a1bc2b82c86fd1f425cc01280bc044 (patch)
tree657974a8424cfcb9d77ab9cff7086c9346eaa19a /zbd.c
parent43bcbd5b55ada031fe94a505f48e878a027de445 (diff)
zbd: count sectors with data for write pointer zones
ZBD fio code tracks 'sectors with data' for two different purposes. The first one is to process zone_reset_threshold. When the ratio of sectors with data in zones with write pointer goes beyond the specified number, zone reset is triggered. The second purpose is to control the direction of the first I/O of random mixed read/write workloads. If all write pointer zones in the I/O range are reset at the beginning of such a workload, fio has no data to read and will immediately end the run of the test section. To avoid this, fio checks 'sectors with data' and if it is zero (i.e. it is the very first I/O), it modifies the direction of that I/O from read to write. Currently, when the workload range includes both conventional and sequential zones, all sectors in conventional zones are counted as 'sectors with data' along with sectors in sequential zones. This leads to incorrect handling of 'zone_reset_threshold' option - zone reset timing of sequential zones is affected by the amount of data read from or written to conventional zones. To avoid this, conventional zones should be excluded from 'sectors with data' calculation. On the other hand, if the sectors of conventional zones were excluded from the sectors with data, it could result in the wrong initial I/O direction for random workloads. When the zones in I/O region are all conventional, 'sectors with data' would always be zero. Because of this, read operations are always changed to writes and reads are never performed. To avoid this contradiction, introduce another counter, 'wp_sector_with_data'. It works similar to the existing 'sectors_with_data', but it counts data sectors only in write pointer zones. Use this newly introduced count for zone_reset_threshold checks and keep on using the original count for the initial random I/O direction determination. When counting sectors with data, lock only write pointer zones, no need to lock conventional zones. Signed-off-by: Shin'ichiro Kawasaki <> Signed-off-by: Dmitry Fomichev <> Signed-off-by: Jens Axboe <>
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1 files changed, 18 insertions, 7 deletions
diff --git a/zbd.c b/zbd.c
index 88cbc6fa..e3ad1124 100644
--- a/zbd.c
+++ b/zbd.c
@@ -734,9 +734,10 @@ static int zbd_reset_zone(struct thread_data *td, struct fio_file *f,
uint64_t offset = z->start;
uint64_t length = (z+1)->start - offset;
+ uint64_t data_in_zone = z->wp - z->start;
int ret = 0;
- if (z->wp == z->start)
+ if (!data_in_zone)
return 0;
assert(is_valid_offset(f, offset + length - 1));
@@ -755,7 +756,8 @@ static int zbd_reset_zone(struct thread_data *td, struct fio_file *f,
- f->zbd_info->sectors_with_data -= z->wp - z->start;
+ f->zbd_info->sectors_with_data -= data_in_zone;
+ f->zbd_info->wp_sectors_with_data -= data_in_zone;
z->wp = z->start;
z->verify_block = 0;
@@ -887,25 +889,32 @@ static uint64_t zbd_process_swd(const struct fio_file *f, enum swd_action a)
struct fio_zone_info *zb, *ze, *z;
uint64_t swd = 0;
+ uint64_t wp_swd = 0;
zb = get_zone(f, f->min_zone);
ze = get_zone(f, f->max_zone);
for (z = zb; z < ze; z++) {
- pthread_mutex_lock(&z->mutex);
+ if (z->has_wp) {
+ pthread_mutex_lock(&z->mutex);
+ wp_swd += z->wp - z->start;
+ }
swd += z->wp - z->start;
switch (a) {
assert(f->zbd_info->sectors_with_data == swd);
+ assert(f->zbd_info->wp_sectors_with_data == wp_swd);
case SET_SWD:
f->zbd_info->sectors_with_data = swd;
+ f->zbd_info->wp_sectors_with_data = wp_swd;
for (z = zb; z < ze; z++)
- zone_unlock(z);
+ if (z->has_wp)
+ zone_unlock(z);
return swd;
@@ -916,7 +925,7 @@ static uint64_t zbd_process_swd(const struct fio_file *f, enum swd_action a)
static const bool enable_check_swd = false;
-/* Check whether the value of zbd_info.sectors_with_data is correct. */
+/* Check whether the values of zbd_info.*sectors_with_data are correct. */
static void zbd_check_swd(const struct fio_file *f)
if (!enable_check_swd)
@@ -1347,8 +1356,10 @@ static void zbd_queue_io(struct thread_data *td, struct io_u *io_u, int q,
* z->wp > zone_end means that one or more I/O errors
* have occurred.
- if (z->wp <= zone_end)
+ if (z->wp <= zone_end) {
zbd_info->sectors_with_data += zone_end - z->wp;
+ zbd_info->wp_sectors_with_data += zone_end - z->wp;
+ }
z->wp = zone_end;
@@ -1650,7 +1661,7 @@ enum io_u_action zbd_adjust_block(struct thread_data *td, struct io_u *io_u)
/* Check whether the zone reset threshold has been exceeded */
if (td->o.zrf.u.f) {
- if (f->zbd_info->sectors_with_data >=
+ if (f->zbd_info->wp_sectors_with_data >=
f->io_size * td->o.zrt.u.f &&
zbd_dec_and_reset_write_cnt(td, f)) {
zb->reset_zone = 1;