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authorRoman Pen <>2015-08-19 12:33:11 +0200
committerJens Axboe <>2015-09-04 13:33:09 -0600
commit61b9861d45dcd6be23c527861b32aa36bcd1b682 (patch)
treed42c0ae295c0dff4d9aacc823658c6868e5f3777 /verify.h
parent71deafc693ad77947f5c3f72e7247eefcb97bd63 (diff)
use 'lib/pattern' to parse patterns and paste formats into buffers
Switch to new 'lib/pattern' helpers. Now 'buffer_pattern' and 'verify_pattern' options support combined input and strings like: buffer_pattern="1234"0xface"5678" verify_pattern=0xface"1234"-12+14 can be specified. Also, 'verify_pattern' supports '%o' format, which means that buffer will be patched on each iteration with real 'block offset' number. So, f.e. 'verify_pattern' such combined input is valid: verify_pattern=%o or verify_pattern=%o"123"%o Signed-off-by: Roman Pen <> Signed-off-by: Jens Axboe <>
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diff --git a/verify.h b/verify.h
index 8305eeba..74cad851 100644
--- a/verify.h
+++ b/verify.h
@@ -89,6 +89,11 @@ extern void fio_verify_init(struct thread_data *td);
extern int verify_async_init(struct thread_data *);
extern void verify_async_exit(struct thread_data *);
+ * Callbacks for pasting formats in the pattern buffer
+ */
+extern int paste_blockoff(char *buf, unsigned int len, void *priv);
struct thread_rand32_state {
uint32_t s[4];