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authorJens Axboe <>2012-03-14 10:25:44 +0100
committerJens Axboe <>2012-03-14 10:25:44 +0100
commitd8fbeefb67641e9f63088b329de78a26a69fdbae (patch)
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parenta217ba7de6e2ea26fbd12db663aaf8a5a9f350a7 (diff)
gfio: graphing updates
- Don't draw tickmark labels for an empty graph - Remove Y-axis label. It was a bit awkward and hard to read. - Ensure that we always put proper units on the Y-axis graph. - Ensure that we always include the top most Y-axis tickmark and make that the ceiling, not the highest Y value. It's hard to visually understand a graph that is drawing somewhere above the last labeled tickmark. - Fix rounding errors in graph.c Signed-off-by: Jens Axboe <>
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diff --git a/tickmarks.h b/tickmarks.h
index a8c1bf9f..1e310dbb 100644
--- a/tickmarks.h
+++ b/tickmarks.h
@@ -7,6 +7,6 @@ struct tickmark {
int calc_tickmarks(double min, double max, int nticks, struct tickmark **tm,
- int *power_of_ten, int use_KMG_symbols);
+ int *power_of_ten, int use_KMG_symbols, int base_off);