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authorAlexander Larin <>2018-02-28 14:25:42 +0300
committerAlexander Larin <>2018-03-01 19:08:30 +0300
commit6cc0e5aa9eddd2487dfa9ac80be1264151058409 (patch)
treee699551e8444730b55c21b44f714ef9bd5442496 /stat.h
parentcd174b909109e527e41ca42ac761c5f7d29f25e5 (diff)
Fix overflow of counters incremented on each I/O operation
- In the thread_stat struct: uint32_t counters are updated to uint64_t. - In the io_u_plat_entry struct: unsigned int counters are updated to uint64_t. It fixes overflow of these counters. Signed-off-by: Alexander Larin <>
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1 files changed, 11 insertions, 12 deletions
diff --git a/stat.h b/stat.h
index cc91dfcc..7580f0d6 100644
--- a/stat.h
+++ b/stat.h
@@ -182,15 +182,14 @@ struct thread_stat {
uint64_t percentile_precision;
fio_fp64_t percentile_list[FIO_IO_U_LIST_MAX_LEN];
- uint32_t io_u_map[FIO_IO_U_MAP_NR];
- uint32_t io_u_submit[FIO_IO_U_MAP_NR];
- uint32_t io_u_complete[FIO_IO_U_MAP_NR];
- uint32_t io_u_lat_n[FIO_IO_U_LAT_N_NR];
- uint32_t io_u_lat_u[FIO_IO_U_LAT_U_NR];
- uint32_t io_u_lat_m[FIO_IO_U_LAT_M_NR];
- uint32_t io_u_plat[DDIR_RWDIR_CNT][FIO_IO_U_PLAT_NR];
- uint32_t io_u_sync_plat[FIO_IO_U_PLAT_NR];
- uint32_t pad;
+ uint64_t io_u_map[FIO_IO_U_MAP_NR];
+ uint64_t io_u_submit[FIO_IO_U_MAP_NR];
+ uint64_t io_u_complete[FIO_IO_U_MAP_NR];
+ uint64_t io_u_lat_n[FIO_IO_U_LAT_N_NR];
+ uint64_t io_u_lat_u[FIO_IO_U_LAT_U_NR];
+ uint64_t io_u_lat_m[FIO_IO_U_LAT_M_NR];
+ uint64_t io_u_plat[DDIR_RWDIR_CNT][FIO_IO_U_PLAT_NR];
+ uint64_t io_u_sync_plat[FIO_IO_U_PLAT_NR];
uint64_t total_io_u[DDIR_RWDIR_SYNC_CNT];
uint64_t short_io_u[DDIR_RWDIR_CNT];
@@ -275,7 +274,7 @@ struct jobs_eta {
struct io_u_plat_entry {
struct flist_head list;
- unsigned int io_u_plat[FIO_IO_U_PLAT_NR];
+ uint64_t io_u_plat[FIO_IO_U_PLAT_NR];
extern struct fio_mutex *stat_mutex;
@@ -300,11 +299,11 @@ extern void init_thread_stat(struct thread_stat *ts);
extern void init_group_run_stat(struct group_run_stats *gs);
extern void eta_to_str(char *str, unsigned long eta_sec);
extern bool calc_lat(struct io_stat *is, unsigned long long *min, unsigned long long *max, double *mean, double *dev);
-extern unsigned int calc_clat_percentiles(unsigned int *io_u_plat, unsigned long long nr, fio_fp64_t *plist, unsigned long long **output, unsigned long long *maxv, unsigned long long *minv);
+extern unsigned int calc_clat_percentiles(uint64_t *io_u_plat, unsigned long long nr, fio_fp64_t *plist, unsigned long long **output, unsigned long long *maxv, unsigned long long *minv);
extern void stat_calc_lat_n(struct thread_stat *ts, double *io_u_lat);
extern void stat_calc_lat_m(struct thread_stat *ts, double *io_u_lat);
extern void stat_calc_lat_u(struct thread_stat *ts, double *io_u_lat);
-extern void stat_calc_dist(unsigned int *map, unsigned long total, double *io_u_dist);
+extern void stat_calc_dist(uint64_t *map, unsigned long total, double *io_u_dist);
extern void reset_io_stats(struct thread_data *);
extern void update_rusage_stat(struct thread_data *);
extern void clear_rusage_stat(struct thread_data *);