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authorSitsofe Wheeler <>2019-10-05 12:04:33 +0100
committerSitsofe Wheeler <>2019-10-06 07:33:36 +0100
commit44f668d7ba3d82c1218951b8c9ed058bedb89e17 (patch)
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parent13e9c0b09c0c8d892b790aeaf736263dd76f2d2e (diff)
configure: stop enabling fdatasync on OSX
Change configure compile probes to fail on implicit declarations. This (correctly) stops us from enabling fdatasync on OSX which was problematic because we were actually calling a syscall stub with arguments different to what was declared in its prototype (see and ). Fixes: ("Drop macOS support for fdatasync") Signed-off-by: Sitsofe Wheeler <>
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diff --git a/os/os-mac.h b/os/os-mac.h
index a073300c..0d97f6b9 100644
--- a/os/os-mac.h
+++ b/os/os-mac.h
@@ -97,12 +97,6 @@ static inline int gettid(void)
- * For some reason, there's no header definition for fdatasync(), even
- * if it exists.
- */
-extern int fdatasync(int fd);
static inline bool fio_fallocate(struct fio_file *f, uint64_t offset, uint64_t len)
fstore_t store = {F_ALLOCATEALL, F_PEOFPOSMODE, offset, len};