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Add sample zipf distribution randomizer
Instead of just doing purely random IO where each block is touched exactly (or close to, depending on random map) once, add a zipf distribution scheme where a selectable theta defines the spread and frequency of blocks read/written. Committing this so I don't lose it. Needs a few changes, for instance we need to hash the zipf output so that the spread doesn't always just favor the lower LBA range. Signed-off-by: Jens Axboe <>
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diff --git a/lib/zipf.h b/lib/zipf.h
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+++ b/lib/zipf.h
@@ -0,0 +1,17 @@
+#ifndef FIO_ZIPF_H
+#define FIO_ZIPF_H
+#include "rand.h"
+struct zipf_state {
+ uint64_t nranges;
+ double theta;
+ double zeta2;
+ double zetan;
+ struct frand_state rand;
+void zipf_init(struct zipf_state *zs, unsigned long nranges, double theta);
+unsigned long long zipf_next(struct zipf_state *zs);