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Add support for waiting for other jobs by name
We have stonewall to barrier against previous jobs before a new job runs. This adds support for 'wait_for', which allows the user to explicitly wait for a given job before starting. Signed-off-by: Jens Axboe <>
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May be used to override the job name. On the command line, this parameter
has the special purpose of signalling the start of a new job.
+.BI wait_for \fR=\fPstr
+Specifies the name of the already defined job to wait for. Single waitee name
+only may be specified. If set, the job won't be started until all workers of
+the waitee job are done. Wait_for operates on the job name basis, so there are
+a few limitations. First, the waitee must be defined prior to the waiter job
+(meaning no forward references). Second, if a job is being referenced as a
+waitee, it must have a unique name (no duplicate waitees).
.BI description \fR=\fPstr
Human-readable description of the job. It is printed when the job is run, but
otherwise has no special purpose.