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windows: document MinGW zlib install and remove custom zlib search
In 5580d200d7ae49cdb4f30913e3ef2d74e431ff60 ("appveyor: install zlib and minor clean ups") I found AppVeyor builds could use a pre-built, statically linkable zlib from Cygwin/MinGW. Document the MinGW zlib packages in the README and remove the custom Windows zlib searching from the configure script. Signed-off-by: Sitsofe Wheeler <>
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How to compile fio on 64-bit Windows:
1. Install Cygwin ( Install **make** and all
- packages starting with **mingw64-i686** and **mingw64-x86_64**.
+ packages starting with **mingw64-i686** and **mingw64-x86_64**. Ensure
+ **mingw64-i686-zlib** and **mingw64-x86_64-zlib** are installed if you wish
+ to enable fio's log compression functionality.
2. Open the Cygwin Terminal.
3. Go to the fio directory (source files).
4. Run ``make clean && make -j``.