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doc: add Windows processor group behaviour and Windows target option
- Add information on targeting the build against different versions of Windows to the README - Stop listing -i686 packages in the 64 bit section of the README and add a note to about them to the 32 bit build section - Rejig cpus_allowed to be before cpumask in the documentation to make people more likely to read that section first - Make it clear that CPUs specified in the cpus_allowed section are indexed from 0 (and not 1) - Add information about how processor group awareness when setting CPUs is only available when using a build targeted at Windows 7 (because only then do we have the processor group APIs available to us) and how selecting a CPU sets the processor group too (because we concatanate the CPUs from all the processor groups together) Signed-off-by: Sitsofe Wheeler <>
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How to compile fio on 64-bit Windows:
1. Install Cygwin ( Install **make** and all
- packages starting with **mingw64-i686** and **mingw64-x86_64**. Ensure
- **mingw64-i686-zlib** and **mingw64-x86_64-zlib** are installed if you wish
+ packages starting with **mingw64-x86_64**. Ensure
+ **mingw64-x86_64-zlib** are installed if you wish
to enable fio's log compression functionality.
2. Open the Cygwin Terminal.
3. Go to the fio directory (source files).
4. Run ``make clean && make -j``.
-To build fio on 32-bit Windows, run ``./configure --build-32bit-win`` before
+To build fio for 32-bit Windows, ensure the -i686 versions of the previously
+mentioned -x86_64 packages are installed and run ``./configure
+--build-32bit-win`` before ``make``. To build an fio that supports versions of
+Windows below Windows 7/Windows Server 2008 R2 also add ``--target-win-ver=xp``
+to the end of the configure line that you run before doing ``make``.
It's recommended that once built or installed, fio be run in a Command Prompt or
other 'native' console such as console2, since there are known to be display and