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@@ -68,6 +68,10 @@ Windows:
Rebecca Cran <> has fio packages for Windows at .
+Packages for BSDs may be available from their binary package repositories.
+Look for a package "fio" using their binary package managers.
Mailing list
@@ -95,9 +99,9 @@ Building
Just type 'configure', 'make' and 'make install'.
-Note that GNU make is required. On BSD it's available from devel/gmake;
-on Solaris it's in the SUNWgmake package. On platforms where GNU make
-isn't the default, type 'gmake' instead of 'make'.
+Note that GNU make is required. On BSDs it's available from devel/gmake
+within ports directory; on Solaris it's in the SUNWgmake package.
+On platforms where GNU make isn't the default, type 'gmake' instead of 'make'.
Configure will print the enabled options. Note that on Linux based
platforms, the libaio development packages must be installed to use