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document changes to --client syntax and behavior
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@@ -172,7 +172,7 @@ $ fio
--warnings-fatal Fio parser warnings are fatal
--max-jobs Maximum number of threads/processes to support
--server=args Start backend server. See Client/Server section.
- --client=host Connect to specified backend.
+ --client=host Connect to specified backend(s).
--remote-config=file Tell fio server to load this local file
--idle-prof=option Report cpu idleness on a system or percpu basis
(option=system,percpu) or run unit work
@@ -311,9 +311,34 @@ to load a local file as well. This is done by using --remote-config:
fio --client=server --remote-config /path/to/file.fio
-Then the fio server will open this local (to the server) job file instead
+Then fio will open this local (to the server) job file instead
of being passed one from the client.
+If you have many servers (example: 100 VMs/containers),
+you can input a pathname of a file containing host IPs/names as the parameter
+value for the --client option. For example, here is an example "host.list"
+file containing 2 hostnames:
+The fio command would then be:
+fio --client=host.list <job file(s)>
+In this mode, you cannot input server-specific parameters or job files -- all
+servers receive the same job file.
+In order to let fio --client runs use a shared filesystem
+from multiple hosts, fio --client now prepends the IP address of the
+server to the filename. For example, if fio is using directory /mnt/nfs/fio
+and is writing filename fileio.tmp, with a --client hostfile containing
+two hostnames h1 and h2 with IP addresses and,
+then fio will create two files:
+ /mnt/nfs/fio/
+ /mnt/nfs/fio/