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doc: rewording and add reference to --aux-path
- Reword --aux-path definition - Reword "filename semantic" text in directory definition - Add reference to --aux-path from --filename definition Closes: Signed-off-by: Sitsofe Wheeler <>
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@@ -283,7 +283,8 @@ Command line options
.. option:: --aux-path=path
- Use this `path` for fio state generated files.
+ Use the directory specified by `path` for generated state files instead
+ of the current working directory.
Any parameters following the options will be assumed to be job files, unless
they match a job file parameter. Multiple job files can be listed and each job
@@ -748,12 +749,15 @@ Target file/device
assigned equally distributed to job clones created by :option:`numjobs` as
long as they are using generated filenames. If specific `filename(s)` are
set fio will use the first listed directory, and thereby matching the
- `filename` semantic which generates a file each clone if not specified, but
- let all clones use the same if set.
+ `filename` semantic (which generates a file for each clone if not
+ specified, but lets all clones use the same file if set).
See the :option:`filename` option for information on how to escape "``:``" and
"``\``" characters within the directory path itself.
+ Note: To control the directory fio will use for internal state files
+ use :option:`--aux-path`.
.. option:: filename=str
Fio normally makes up a `filename` based on the job name, thread number, and