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Allow configurable ETA intervals
By default, fio prints ETA output every second. For some client/server setups, it's desirable to allow a much longer interval, to avoid spending too much time getting and printing ETA time. Takes a normal time input, allowing usec/msec/sec etc postfixes. Signed-off-by: Jens Axboe <>
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.. option:: --eta=when
Specifies when real-time ETA estimate should be printed. `when` may be
- `always`, `never` or `auto`.
+ `always`, `never` or `auto`. `auto` is the default, it prints ETA
+ when requested if the output is a TTY. `always` disregards the output
+ type, and prints ETA when requested. `never` never prints ETA.
+.. option:: --eta-interval=time
+ By default, fio requests client ETA status roughly every second. With
+ this option, the interval is configurable. Fio imposes a minimum
+ allowed time to avoid flooding the console, less than 250 msec is
+ not supported.
.. option:: --eta-newline=time