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* 'chunked-iolog-reading' of iolog: Added new option description to HOWTO iolog: Added option read_iolog_chunked. Used to avoid reading large iologs at once. Allows iologs to be infinite, generated.
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replay, the file needs to be turned into a blkparse binary data file first
(``blkparse <device> -o /dev/null -d file_for_fio.bin``).
+.. option:: read_iolog_chunked=bool
+ Determines how iolog is read. If false(default) entire :option:`read_iolog`
+ will be read at once. If selected true, input from iolog will be read
+ gradually. Useful when iolog is very large, or it is generated.
.. option:: replay_no_stall=bool
When replaying I/O with :option:`read_iolog` the default behavior is to