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Add 'replay_time_scale' option
This allows the user to scale the replay speed of an IO trace. It defaults to 100, meaning run at 100% the original rate. If set to 50, fio will replay at 50% the original IO rate. If set to 400, fio will replay at 4x the original rate. And so on. Signed-off-by: Jens Axboe <>
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still respecting ordering. The result is the same I/O pattern to a given
device, but different timings.
+.. option:: replay_time_scale=int
+ When replaying I/O with :option:`read_iolog`, fio will honor the
+ original timing in the trace. With this option, it's possible to scale
+ the time. It's a percentage option, if set to 50 it means run at 50%
+ the original IO rate in the trace. If set to 200, run at twice the
+ original IO rate. Defaults to 100.
.. option:: replay_redirect=str
While replaying I/O patterns using :option:`read_iolog` the default behavior