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docs: update HOWTO and manpage for sg trim support
Also fix HOWTO sg_write_mode formatting
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@@ -991,13 +991,15 @@ I/O type
Sequential writes.
- Sequential trims (Linux block devices only).
+ Sequential trims (Linux block devices and SCSI
+ character devices only).
Random reads.
Random writes.
- Random trims (Linux block devices only).
+ Random trims (Linux block devices and SCSI
+ character devices only).
Sequential mixed reads and writes.
@@ -1748,7 +1750,7 @@ I/O engine
ioctl, or if the target is an sg character device we use
:manpage:`read(2)` and :manpage:`write(2)` for asynchronous
I/O. Requires :option:`filename` option to specify either block or
- character devices.
+ character devices. This engine supports trim operations.
The sg engine includes engine specific options.
@@ -2082,6 +2084,7 @@ with the caveat that when used on the command line, they must come after the
the force unit access (fua) flag. Default is 0.
.. option:: sg_write_mode=str : [sg]
Specify the type of write commands to issue. This option can take three values: