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With writefua option set to 1, write operations include
the force unit access (fua) flag. Default is 0.
+.. option:: sg_write_mode=str : [sg]
+ Specify the type of write commands to issue. This option can take three values:
+ **write**
+ This is the default where write opcodes are issued as usual.
+ **verify**
+ Issue WRITE AND VERIFY commands. The BYTCHK bit is set to 0. This
+ directs the device to carry out a medium verification with no data
+ comparison. The writefua option is ignored with this selection.
+ **same**
+ Issue WRITE SAME commands. This transfers a single block to the device
+ and writes this same block of data to a contiguous sequence of LBAs
+ beginning at the specified offset. fio's block size parameter specifies
+ the amount of data written with each command. However, the amount of data
+ actually transferred to the device is equal to the device's block
+ (sector) size. For a device with 512 byte sectors, blocksize=8k will
+ write 16 sectors with each command. fio will still generate 8k of data
+ for each command but only the first 512 bytes will be used and
+ transferred to the device. The writefua option is ignored with this
+ selection.
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