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Add option to ignore thinktime for rated IO
By default, fio will ignore thinktime when calculating the next time to issue and IO, if rated IO is specified. This leads to fio entering a catch-up type of mode after doing the specified sleep. For some workloads, that may not be useful. If someone asks for a specific amount of IOPS and sets a thinktime, they may want to exclude the sleep time. Fixes: Signed-off-by: Jens Axboe <>
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( The lambda will be
10^6 / IOPS for the given workload.
+.. option:: rate_ignore_thinktime=bool
+ By default, fio will attempt to catch up to the specified rate setting,
+ if any kind of thinktime setting was used. If this option is set, then
+ fio will ignore the thinktime and continue doing IO at the specified
+ rate, instead of entering a catch-up mode after thinktime is done.
I/O latency