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Add gfio TODO file
Not complete, but it's a start. Signed-off-by: Jens Axboe <>
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+In no particular order:
+- Ability to save job files. Probably in an extended gfio format,
+ so we can include options/settings outside of a fio job file.
+- End view improvements:
+ - Cleanup the layout
+ - Add ability to save the results
+ - Add ability to load end-results as well
+ - Add ability to request graphs of whatever graphing options
+ the fio job included.
+ - Add ability to graph completion latencies, percentiles, etc.
+- Add ability to edit job options:
+ - We need an options view after sending a job, that allows us to
+ visually see what was parsed, make changes, resubmit.
+ - Job options are already converted across the network and
+ are available in gfio_client->o for view/edit. We'll need
+ a FIO_NET_CMD_UPDATE_OPTIONS command to send them back,
+ and backend support for updating an existing set of options.
+- Add support for printing end results, graphs, etc.
+- Improve the auto-start backend functionality, it's quite buggy.
+- Ensure that it works on OSX and Windows. We'll need a bit of porting
+ work there.
+- Persistent store of prefences set. This will need a per-OS bit as well,
+ using gfonf on Linux, registry on Windows, ?? on OSX.
+- Add 'Recent Files' to File menu.
+- Ensure that local errors go to our log, instead of being displayed on
+ the console.
+- Ensure that the whole connect/send/start button logic is sane. Right
+ now it works when you perform the right sequence, but if you connect
+ and disconnect, things can get confused. We'll need to improve how
+ we store and send job files. Right now they are in ge->job_files[]
+ and are always emptied on send. Keep them around?
+- Commit rate display is not enabled.
+- Group status reporting is not enabled.
+- Split gfio.c a bit. Add gfio/ sub directory, and split it into
+ files based on functionality. It's already ~3000 lines long.
+- Attempt to ensure that we work with gtk 2.10 and newer. Right
+ now the required version is ~2.18 (not quite known).