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nbd: Document the NBD-specific uri parameter
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@@ -1999,7 +1999,7 @@ I/O engine
Read and write iscsi lun with libiscsi.
- Synchronous read and write a Network Block Device (NBD).
+ Read and write a Network Block Device (NBD).
I/O engine specific parameters
@@ -2301,6 +2301,15 @@ with the caveat that when used on the command line, they must come after the
turns on verbose logging from libcurl, 2 additionally enables
HTTP IO tracing. Default is **0**
+.. option:: uri=str : [nbd]
+ Specify the NBD URI of the server to test. The string
+ is a standard NBD URI
+ (see
+ Example URIs: nbd://localhost:10809
+ nbd+unix:///?socket=/tmp/socket
+ nbds://tlshost/exportname
I/O depth
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@@ -2022,6 +2022,22 @@ blocksize=8k will write 16 sectors with each command. fio will still
generate 8k of data for each command butonly the first 512 bytes will
be used and transferred to the device. The writefua option is ignored
with this selection.
+.BI (nbd)uri \fR=\fPstr
+Specify the NBD URI of the server to test.
+The string is a standard NBD URI (see
+Example URIs:
.SS "I/O depth"