BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
issue-870Revert "filesetup: don't call create_work_dirs() for ioengine with FIO_DISKLE...Jens Axboe14 months
latency-probetarget: fixesJens Axboe2 years
masterMerge branch 'fix_filename_overrun' of Axboe6 days
noaccessTest patches for RWF_NOACCESSJens Axboe13 months
segmented-threadsKill off 'max_jobs'Jens Axboe2 months
fio-3.25fio-3.25.tar.gz  fio-3.25.tar.bz2  Jens Axboe7 weeks
fio-3.24fio-3.24.tar.gz  fio-3.24.tar.bz2  Jens Axboe2 months
fio-3.23fio-3.23.tar.gz  fio-3.23.tar.bz2  Jens Axboe5 months
fio-3.22fio-3.22.tar.gz  fio-3.22.tar.bz2  Jens Axboe5 months
fio-3.21fio-3.21.tar.gz  fio-3.21.tar.bz2  Jens Axboe6 months
fio-3.20fio-3.20.tar.gz  fio-3.20.tar.bz2  Jens Axboe8 months
fio-3.19fio-3.19.tar.gz  fio-3.19.tar.bz2  Jens Axboe10 months
fio-3.18fio-3.18.tar.gz  fio-3.18.tar.bz2  Jens Axboe12 months
fio-3.17fio-3.17.tar.gz  fio-3.17.tar.bz2  Jens Axboe13 months
fio-3.16fio-3.16.tar.gz  fio-3.16.tar.bz2  Jens Axboe16 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-08-16Fio 3.22fio-3.22Jens Axboe
2020-08-14Merge branch 'issue-1065' of into masterJens Axboe
2020-08-15thread_options: Use unsigned int type for exit_what and stonewallAndré Wild
2020-08-14Fixup examples/exitwhat.fioJens Axboe
2020-08-13zbd: use ->min_zone, ->max_zone in more placesAlexey Dobriyan
2020-08-12io_u: calculate incremental residuals correctlyJens Axboe
2020-08-11t/zbd: check log file for failed assertionsDmitry Fomichev
2020-08-11zbd: simplify zone reset codeDmitry Fomichev
2020-08-11configure: check if pkg-config is installedDmitry Fomichev
2020-08-11configure: improve libzbc version checkDmitry Fomichev