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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-05-05Fixup graph name in help textJan Kara
2016-05-05Separate prefix in legend with spaceJan Kara
2016-05-05Don't prepend blktrace destination dir if we didn't run blktraceJan Kara
2016-05-05Process notify events outside of given intervalJan Kara
2016-05-05Use maximum over all traces for queue depthJan Kara
2016-05-05Better max estimate for line graphsJan Kara
2014-09-25iowatcher: wrap system() in a checker functionJens Axboe
2014-09-24iowatcher: Fix up some strcpy and strcat usageAndrew Price
2014-09-24iowatcher: Update usage info and improve man pageAndrew Price
2014-09-24iowatcher: Convert start_mpstat to run_programAndrew Price
2014-09-24iowatcher: Rework --prog to make arg processing saferAndrew Price
2014-09-24iowatcher: Correct a couple of calloc callsAndrew Price
2014-09-24iowatcher: Simplify temp movie directory creationAndrew Price
2014-09-24iowatcher: Make seconds unsignedJan Kara
2014-09-24iowatcher: Skip events beyond max_secondsJan Kara
2014-09-24iowatcher: Fine tune the ticksChris Mason
2014-09-24iowatcher: Fix a label overflow in plot_ioAndrew Price
2014-09-24iowatcher: Don't print a legend on the tput graphs during moviesChris Mason
2014-09-24iowatcher: Update the FSF address in all filesChris Mason
2014-09-24iowatcher: Add support for fio bandwith logs (-F logfile)Chris Mason
2014-09-24iowatcher: Handle traces to more than once device at a timeChris Mason
2014-09-24iowatcher: iowatcher: specify ffmpeg codecNikita Danilov
2014-09-24iowatcher: Fix some rounding errors around the max offsetChris Mason
2014-09-24iowatcher: Add -K command line option to keep the movie svg filesChris Mason
2014-09-24iowatcher: iowatcher: support png2theora for videosEric Sandeen
2014-09-24iowatcher: Fix buffer overwrite issueYuanhan Liu
2014-09-24iowatcher: add blktrace destination optionsLiu Bo
2012-09-25iowatcher: Per process IO graphsJan Kara
2012-09-21iowatcher: Make sure we add the xtick labels if we're only plotting IOChris Mason
2012-09-10iowatcher: Merge branch 'jan'Chris Mason
2012-09-10iowatcher: Add option to set action which should be displayed in the IO graphJan Kara
2012-09-10iowatcher: Add options to limit time and sector rangeJan Kara
2012-09-10iowatcher: Add possibility to limit seconds from belowJan Kara
2012-09-10iowatcher: Rename seconds to max_secondsJan Kara
2012-09-10iowatcher: Add support for limitting IO graph offset from belowJan Kara
2012-09-10iowatcher: Fix typo in option descriptionJan Kara
2012-08-30iowatcher: Check for null mpstat structs while generating plotsChris Mason
2012-08-28iowatcher: Add -c to split the graphs up into multiple columnsChris Mason
2012-08-27iowatcher: Fix divide by zero while calculating averagesChris Mason
2012-08-27iowatcher: Update the README and the --help outputChris Mason
2012-08-27iowatcher: Start support for multiple colums of plotsChris Mason
2012-08-27iowatcher: Add initial support for flash tracingChris Mason
2012-08-22iowatcher: Add a new movie mode that maps the IOs onto a platter.Chris Mason
2012-08-21iowatcher: Switch to ffmpeg for movie encoding. Chrome and vlc like these be...Chris Mason
2012-08-20iowatcher: Add back missing plot titleChris Mason
2012-08-20iowatcher: Fix --help definitionChris Mason
2012-08-20iowatcher: Add movie supportChris Mason
2012-08-16iowatcher: Add mpstat graphing supportChris Mason
2012-08-15iowatcher: Initial revisionChris Mason