path: root/blktrace.h
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-02-27Too small arrays for file namesVasily Tarasov
2011-05-26blktrace: Use be32_to_cpu for blk_io_trace->cpu.Tao Ma
2008-04-02blkparse: Introduce optional accounting of PC requestsChristof Schmitt
2007-05-21Account size of mergesJens Axboe
2006-12-01[PATCH] Add timestamp supportOlaf Kirch
2006-03-28[PATCH] blktrace: fix sendfile problem with > buf_size xmitsTom Zanussi
2006-02-14[PATCH] check_data_endianess left in half-done stateJens Axboe
2006-02-09[PATCH] Shrink the trace by 1/3 by removing ->comm[16]Jens Axboe
2006-02-06[PATCH] Remove native/non-native printJens Axboe
2006-02-06[PATCH] Allow trace data to stay CPU endiannessJens Axboe
2006-02-02[PATCH] blkparse: make skip detection per-CPU as wellJens Axboe
2006-02-02[PATCH] Make the sequence per-CPU so the kernel side can be locklessJens Axboe
2006-01-31[PATCH] blkparse: cut down on excessive number of fcntl() callsJens Axboe
2006-01-13[PATCH] blkparse: dump requeue info as wellJens Axboe
2005-10-06[PATCH] blkparse: fix remap sectors dump, it was in kbJens Axboe
2005-10-05[PATCH] Typo: __BIT_ENDIAN -> __BIG_ENDIANJens Axboe
2005-10-05[PATCH] Better endianness checkJens Axboe
2005-10-05[PATCH] blkparse: Add -a/-A options to blkparse as wellAlan D. Brunelle
2005-09-29[PATCH] Assorted compiler warningsJens Axboe
2005-09-26[PATCH] blkparse: Add option to hash process by nameJens Axboe
2005-09-25[PATCH] blkparse: split format parsing into seperate fileJens Axboe
2005-09-12[PATCH] Add support for tracing multiple devicesNathan Scott
2005-09-06[PATCH] Missed the ->device in endianness conversionsJens Axboe
2005-09-06[PATCH] Bump ->cpu to 32-bits for alignment and add process nameNathan Scott
2005-09-06[PATCH] Missing ->cpu endianness conversionNathan Scott
2005-09-05[PATCH] Support for live tracingJens Axboe
2005-08-29[PATCH] Always store trace data in big endian formatJens Axboe
2005-08-26Initial commitJens Axboe