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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-09-15Fix warnings on newer gccJens Axboe
2010-10-22blktrace: blkiomon documentation updateEdward Shishkin
2009-05-11blkiomon manpage and usage reference invalid "msg-queue-name" optionEric Sandeen
2009-05-11blkiomon: fix unaligned accesses on ia64Martin Peschke
2009-01-21A couple of min-counters weren't initialised correctly (thrput_r,Martin Peschke
2008-10-28blkiomon: add through-put statisticsMartin Peschke
2008-10-28blkiomon: separate statistics for read and write requestsMartin Peschke
2008-10-28blkiomon: fix some debug messagesMartin Peschke
2008-10-28blkiomon: fix trace debug outputMartin Peschke
2008-10-20blkiomon: drv_data traces pass-throughMartin Peschke
2008-10-16blkiomon: I/O monitorMartin Peschke