AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2008-07-01spelling and grammar fixes for btreplay.texJeff Moyer
2008-05-27Put message notes from kernel into a separate file for easy trackingAlan D. Brunelle
2008-05-27Added in new message updates to the documentation.Alan D. Brunelle
2008-05-27Added in handling of MESSAGE notesAlan D. Brunelle
2008-05-21Handled no difference in seek timesAlan D. Brunelle
2008-05-21Added in -m option, seeks-per-secondAlan D. Brunelle
2008-05-18blkparse: cope with missing process notify eventJens Axboe
2008-05-12Fixed percentage calculations for phases of an I/OAlan D. Brunelle
2008-05-09Added S2G times + fixed up -X output to include X2XAlan D. Brunelle
2008-05-08Added -X option - generate easily parseable fileAlan D. Brunelle
2008-05-05Add -x accellerator optionLuis Useche
2008-05-05Fix problem with -w optionLuis Useche
2008-05-05eliminate check of empty -F formatLuis Useche
2008-04-02blkparse: Introduce optional accounting of PC requestsChristof Schmitt
2008-04-02blkparse: Add PC requests to depth traceChristof Schmitt
2008-02-22Fix section of btrecord and btreplay man pagesBas Zoetekouw
2008-02-22Don't like btrecord against libaio and librt, as it doesn't use any of their ...Bas Zoetekouw
2008-02-22Really commit the changes to btt.1Bas Zoetekouw
2008-02-22Added man page for bno_plot and updated btt man page to refer to bno_plotBas Zoetekouw
2008-02-13Cleanups: Fixed IOPs in btt left over at end of runAlan D. Brunelle
2008-02-13btt: fix missing cleanup callAaron Carroll
2008-02-13btt: fix iostat interval defaultAaron Carroll
2008-02-12Added info about and clean upsAlan D. Brunelle
2008-02-08Merge branch 'bno_plot.submit'Alan D. Brunelle
2008-02-05Added new IOs per unplug tableAlan D. Brunelle
2008-02-05Added - generate interactive 3D plot of IO blocks and sizesAlan D. Brunelle
2008-01-31UNPLUG does the timing stuff, UNPLUG TIMEOUT only does timeoutAlan D. Brunelle
2008-01-31Fixed excess bucket information for unplug histograms.Alan D. Brunelle
2008-01-03Fix Q counts during requeue and merges.Dave Boutcher
2007-12-10Separated out g/i/m trace handling.Alan D. Brunelle
2007-12-09btreplay/btrecord man pagesBas Zoetekouw
2007-12-06Merge branch 'master' into add-q2dAlan D. Brunelle
2007-12-06Remove strange make dependencyJoshua Root
2007-12-05Added in Q2D histograms (requires -A)Alan D. Brunelle
2007-11-14memset() must be done after NULL checkJens Axboe
2007-11-13Added active requests at Q information.Alan D. Brunelle
2007-11-08Fixed REMAP to update Q2A & fixed #Q calculationsAlan D. Brunelle
2007-10-29blktrace segfaultAneesh Kumar K.V
2007-10-10Added O_NOATIME to replay fileAlan D. Brunelle
2007-10-10Fix segfault in replay_sub when verbose is 1Joshua Root
2007-10-05Merge branch 'master' of git:// D. Brunelle
2007-10-05Converted fatal to an inline functionAlan D. Brunelle
2007-10-05Converted fatal from macro to inlineAlan D. Brunelle
2007-10-02Add btrecord/btreplay capabilityAlan D. Brunelle
2007-10-02Added list_splice to btt/list.hAlan D. Brunelle
2007-10-01btt manpagesBas Zoetekouw
2007-10-01Fix compilation on m68kBas Zoetekouw
2007-09-10Major revamping (ver 2.0)Alan D. Brunelle
2007-08-28blktrace 0.99.3blktrace-0.99.3Jens Axboe
2007-08-28blktrace man page: mention buffer size / number of buffers defaults.Jens Axboe