AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-10-21blkparse: fix incorrectly sized memset in check_cpu_mapHEADmasterJeff Mahoney
2021-10-21blkparse: skip check_cpu_map with pipe inputJeff Mahoney
2021-06-28blktrace: exit directly when nthreads_running != ncpus in run_tracers()lijinlin
2021-06-14blktrace 1.3.0blktrace-1.3.0Jens Axboe
2021-04-19blkparse: Print time when trace was startedJan Kara
2021-02-19blktrace: inclusive terminologyEric Sandeen
2020-05-20blkparse: Print PID information for TN_MESSAGE eventsJan Kara
2020-05-20iowatcher: Handle cgroup informationJan Kara
2020-05-20iowatcher: Use blktrace_api.hJan Kara
2020-05-20blkparse: Handle cgroup informationJan Kara
2020-05-07blkparse: Fix up the sector and length of split completionsAndreas Gruenbacher
2020-05-07blkparse: Initialize and test for undefined request tracking timestampsAndreas Gruenbacher
2020-05-07blkparse: Allow request tracking on non md/dm devicesAndreas Gruenbacher
2020-05-07blkparse: Fix device in event tracking error messagesAndreas Gruenbacher Use `with open() as ...` context managerVincent Legoll Fix pylint: singleton-comparisonVincent Legoll Fix pylint: len-as-conditionVincent Legoll Fix pylint: no-else-returnVincent Legoll Fix pylint: singleton-comparisonVincent Legoll Fix pylint: len-as-conditionVincent Legoll Fix pylint: wrong-import-orderVincent Legoll Use `with open() as ...` context manager to automatically handle...Vincent Legoll Use shutil.rmtree() instead of os.system('/bin/rm')Vincent Legoll Use sum() instead of open-coding it to compute list averageVincent Legoll
2020-01-16fix parallel build of btt and blkiomonGwendal Grignou
2019-09-25doc: tex: add absolute timestamp printing optionHiroaki Mihara
2019-09-25blkparse: fix absolute timestamp when reading from fileHiroaki Mihara
2019-09-25blkparse: split off the timestamp correction code in to a separate functionHiroaki Mihara
2019-09-24blkparse: man: add absolute timestamp printing optionHiroaki Mihara
2019-09-16btreplay: fix device IO remap functionalityIgnat Korchagin
2019-05-21blkparse: add support sort program by io eventWeiping Zhang
2018-08-31iowatcher: spawn NPROCESSORS_ONLN for rsvg-convert-sJeff Moyer
2018-08-30iowatcher: don't add Q events to the io hashJeff Moyer
2018-05-16make btt scripts python3-readyEric Sandeen
2018-05-02btt: make device/devno use PATH_MAX to avoid overflowJens Axboe
2018-04-09blkparse: add documetation for 'R' requeue requestWeiping Zhang
2018-04-09blkparse: remove duplicated entry for flag MWeiping Zhang
2018-01-24blktrace: don't stop tracer if not setup trace successfullyweiping zhang
2018-01-23fix parallel build failuresRobin H. Johnson
2018-01-23respect LDFLAGS when linking programsRobin H. Johnson
2017-11-07btt: Fix overlapping IO stats.Gwendal Grignou
2017-11-05btt/devs: silence warning on sprintf overflowJens Axboe
2017-11-05jhash: fix annoying gcc fall through warningsJens Axboe
2017-11-04Blktrace 1.2.0blktrace-1.2.0Jens Axboe
2017-11-04blktrace: abort if device ioctl setup failsJens Axboe
2017-01-26blktrace: Create empty output files for non-existent cpusJan Kara
2017-01-26blktrace: Reorganize creation of output file nameJan Kara
2017-01-26blktrace: Add support for sparse CPU numbersJan Kara
2016-08-23iowatcher: link with -lrtThomas Petazzoni
2016-05-19blktrace: remove -k from manpage synopsisEric Sandeen