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btt: Added no remap option
Trying to run btt on pre-2.6.19 kernels has problems handling the previous remap PDU - it did not include a proper device-from field. (Probably should have bumped the blktrace version when we did that.) This option just tosses those out as it just results in lots of crazy stuff being handled. Signed-off-by: Alan D. Brunelle <>
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@@ -41,6 +41,8 @@ btt \- analyse block i/o traces produces by blktrace
[ \-Q <\fIoutput name\fR> | \-\-active\-queue\-depth=<\fIoutput name\fR> ]
+[ \-r | \-\-no\-remaps ]
[ \-s <\fIoutput name\fR> | \-\-seeks=<\fIoutput name\fR> ]
[ \-S <\fIinterval\fR> | \-\-iostat\-interval=<\fIinterval\fR> ]
@@ -245,6 +247,14 @@ The \-Q option allows one to output data files showing the time stamp
and the depth of active commands (those issued but not completed).
+.B \-r
+.B \-\-no\-remaps
+.RS 4
+Ignore remap traces; older kernels did not implement the full remap
.B \-s <\fIoutput name\fR>
.B \-\-seeks=<\fIoutput name\fR>